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How Does Chronic Prostatitis Affect Sexual Function?

Regarding chronic prostatitis, many male patients would like to consult—Does chronic prostatitis affect sexual function? Men with chronic prostatitis themselves feel inferior in their daily lives. If there is still a barrier in sexual function, it will be a misfortune, and it is estimated that many male patients will lose hope in life. Therefore, let's take a closer look at this. Does chronic prostatitis affect sexual function?



Whether chronic prostatitis affects sexual function, the answer is not absolute. From a medical point of view, the prostate is stimulated by various inflammations, causing local congestion and edema, which interferes with sexual life, but it is true. 


But on the contrary, many patients with chronic prostatitis have not suffered any damage to their sexual function for many years, but such examples are rare. However, experts point out that patients with chronic prostatitis should not have any psychological pressure.


Chronic prostatitis will affect sexual function most of the time because the urinary system has problems. It is causing frequent urination, painful urination, incomplete urination, and other symptoms that are not cured for a long time. It will eventually lead to sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and so on. Seriously affect the male body and the sex life between husband and wife.


All in all, most patients with chronic prostatitis will be affected by the sexual function. If patients with chronic prostatitis actively cooperate with doctors to give up bad habits in life in time, even severe patients will quickly recover. So patients with chronic prostatitis must pay attention to their physical health, not have too much psychological pressure, and avoid unnecessary psychological harm.



Generally, there are three main methods for treating prostatitis:


1. Treat with medication


Prostatitis patients with mild symptoms are generally treated with medication, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It has the effects of anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, diuretic and drenching, clearing away heat and detoxifying, and curing chronic prostatitis through the body's self-regulation. Because the symptoms of prostatitis in these patients are not very serious, it is relatively easy to heal completely.


2. Treatment by prostate Massage


Prostatitis can be treated by massage. At present, this is an ideal treatment method, but patients must find a professionally qualified person to massage the prostate. It is mainly to massage the gland's outer layer, which directly promotes the emptying of the prostate and increases the concentration of the drug. The combination of drugs is very effective in treating prostatitis.


3. Treat prostatitis through surgery


Prostatitis can be treated with surgery when it is severe, but surgery is generally rare. It is only considered when it is not possible to treat particularly severe drugs. The surgery should be treated in a regular hospital to avoid delays due to technical problems in the hospital.

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