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How Did You Infect Chronic Prostatitis? 8 Infection Ways You Must Know
Chronic prostatitis has attracted more and more attention from males in their daily lives. The incidence of this disease is very high, and the onset time is also very long. In recent years, this disease has tended to become younger and younger. 
Different prostatitis patients show various syndromes clinically, and these syndromes have their unique causes. If chronic prostatitis is not treated in time, it may cause sexual dysfunction. It requires attention. There are many causes of chronic prostatitis. So how does the patient get prostatitis?

1. An infection occurs in the upper respiratory tract. Bacteria such as oral gingivitis and throat tonsillitis take advantage of the deficiency and enter the bloodstream to form bacteremia. Bacteria travel to the prostate with the blood flow, causing inflammation and prostate blood flow. 
If the bacteria number is small and the virulence is low, the patient can still resist the disease, and the clinical symptoms are not obvious. But because patients often don't know this, they are mistaken for a delayed treatment or wrong diagnosis and treatment, and finally, become a process of chronic prostatitis. Although this route of transmission is rare, it will still exist after all.
2. Upper urinary tract infections, such as pyelonephritis and cystitis, spread directly through the blood or urinary tract to the glands, causing inflammation.
3. Inflammation of the lower urinary tract, such as the posterior urethra and bladder neck, can directly invade the glands. Or because contaminated urine may sometimes reflux into the prostate tubules communicating with the posterior urethra due to factors such as holding urine, causing the glands infection.
4. Proctitis is anatomically located in the wall of the rectum almost to the prostate, so chronic rectal inflammation can quickly spread directly or spread through the lymphatic vessels of the prostate.
5. Seminal vesicles and epididymitis communicate with the prostate through the reproductive tract. Therefore, they often coexist with chronic prostatitis and influence each other.
6. Urinary tract injury combined with infection, urine exudation, perineal inflammation, overdose, and prostate congestion can easily cause prostate infection.
7. Prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer are sometimes complicated by infection.
8. A small number of patients with acute prostatitis are seriously ill or have not been completely cured. It becomes chronic prostate inflammation.

The harm of chronic prostatitis:
1. Chronic prostatitis causes sexual dysfunction. Chronic prostatitis is an obvious hazard. It is easy to cause male sexual disorder, which seriously affects whether patients with prostatitis can typically live as a couple and lays huge hidden dangers for the harmony of the patient's husband and wife. For this point of prostatitis, chronic prostatitis Patients must be highly vigilant.
2. Chronic prostatitis can affect fertility. In patients with chronic prostatitis, the semen becomes acidic or alkaline due to changes in semen pH. When the acidity of sperm exceeds the minimum requirement of sperm, the vitality and survival rate of sperm will decrease, which will impact fertility.
3. Chronic prostatitis seriously harms the health of patients. In patients with chronic prostatitis, the prostatic fluid contains many bacteria, bacterial toxins, and inflammatory secretions. Patients with chronic prostatitis are in severe condition and readily spread to adjacent genitals such as epididymis and seminal vesicles. Chronic prostatitis will affect the patient's health and bring great negative emotions to the patient and affect the everyday life and work of the patient.
4. Chronic prostatitis will bring great pain to patients. And the patients' psychological pressure will gradually increase.
The above is the introduction about the infection route and harm of chronic prostatitis. If patients have been diagnosed with prostatitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has a significant anti-inflammatory effect, can help treat prostate problems effectively, especially chronic prostatitis.
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