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Why is Chronic Prostatitis Easy to Recur?
Nowadays, prostatitis is a relatively high incidence disease in men. The condition is also divided into acute and chronic prostatitis, dramatically impacting people's bodies and minds. So it is necessary to receive a formal diagnosis and treatment in time. So why is chronic prostatitis easy to recur? Let's take a look at the specific introduction.
First of all, experts said that chronic prostatitis is a type of prostatitis, and it is also a male disease with a high incidence. Most chronic prostatitis is caused because acute prostatitis is not entirely cured. Therefore, the symptoms of chronic prostatitis are more complicated than acute prostatitis, and it causes more significant harm to men. 
Once the patients have chronic prostatitis, it will affect their work and life and affect their health. What's more, the headache is that chronic prostatitis is still a very stubborn disease, which is easy to recur. Without timely treatment, chronic prostatitis will bring more severe harm to the health of patients.

Experts from the hospital told the patients that the main reasons why chronic prostatitis is so difficult to treat are as follows:
1. The anatomical position of the prostate is deep, located in the deep part of the pelvic cavity, and the onset is slow. Its excretory outfall is connected with the urethra, ejaculatory duct, and vas deferens, and it is easily affected by infection in other parts.
2. The prostate gland has a large number of glands. The excretion tube is long, curved, and has many orifices. Prostatic fluid is not easy to drain, and one group of glands can infect other glands after infection.
3. It is difficult to diagnose and treat small lesions in the prostate.
4. There is a capsule composed of connective tissue and smooth muscle around the prostate. It penetrates the gland to separate the glands, forming a "blood-prostate barrier" that makes it difficult for drugs to penetrate this capsule layer to reach the prostate.
5. Scars are formed in and around the lesion, making it difficult for the drug to reach the lesion.
6. The patient's life is irregular, and it is difficult to cooperate with the treatment.
Based on the above introduction, men must have understood why chronic prostatitis is easy to recur. Chronic prostatitis, timely treatment are essential. The treatment method is generally the use of medication, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. 
Herbal medicine can penetrate the prostate barrier and reach the lesions of the urinary system, effectively curing prostatitis. And the recurrence rate after cure is shallow. For patients with prostatitis, in addition to timely treatment, reasonable care must also be good care. Only in this way can a particular effect be guaranteed, and some hazards can be avoided.

What aspects should chronic prostatitis patients care for?
One. Routine health care:
1. Perform massage along both sides of the urethra every day for 15-20 minutes. The strength is subject to what the patient can bear.
2. Stand up and do anal contraction exercises, do 50-100 times every day before getting up early and before going to bed at night, subject to the hot and sour anus
3. In summer, apply a wet towel to cold compress the testicles 2-3 times a night, subject to the contraction of the testicles in place
4. Completely relax the inner mental pressure.
5. Do morning exercises every morning, jogging for 10-15 minutes, subject to slight sweating
6. Buckle the waist with both hands every morning to stimulate the blood circulation of the kidneys. It is best to buckle 100-1500-times.
Two. Diet
Patients should pay attention to eating more vitamin-rich foods, eat meals with fresh vegetables, fruits, and a plain and easy-to-digest diet to maintain energy supply: Ban smoking, alcohol, and stimulating foods.
Patients with chronic prostatitis should quickly and effectively treat their chronic prostatitis diseases. Don't be afraid to treat chronic prostatitis diseases because afraid of face problems. In addition, during the treatment of chronic prostatitis, it is recommended that everyone must follow the doctor's advice and promptly—systemic treatment of their chronic prostatitis disease.

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