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Can Prostatitis be Self-Tested with a Glass of Water?
Many patients worry that they have prostatitis, but they don't know how to detect it. Some people even say that prostatitis can be seen with just a glass of water. Is this true?

Detection of prostatitis
Prostatitis cannot be self-tested with a glass of water. First, prostatitis needs to have symptoms. Secondly, it needs to be confirmed by practical laboratory evaluation. The most common symptoms of prostatitis are frequent and urgent urination, painful urination, burning or discomfort after urination, and white secretions from the urethra after urination or defecation. If the symptoms of prostatitis worsen, there may be perineal swelling, sacrococcygeal pain, and soreness in the groin area.
The prostatic fluid test will find more than ten white blood cells in the prostatic fluid per high-power field of view, and the lecithin bodies are reduced. Through symptoms and prostatic fluid, prostatitis can be effectively diagnosed. According to the results of the prostatic fluid, a treatment plan can be determined. 
Three glasses of urine can also check the diagnosis of prostatitis. Before the three-cup urine test, it is recommended to drink enough water and take out 10ml of urine. After urinating 200ml, take 10ml mid-section urine. After the prostate massage, take the third cup of urine. Prostatitis can be diagnosed if 1 cup and 2nd cup bacterial culture (-), 3rd cup and prostatic fluid bacterial culture (+).
For the examination of prostatitis, color Doppler ultrasound, routine prostatic fluid, a culture of prostatic fluid, and drug susceptibility is mainly used for inspection. After suffering from prostatitis, color Doppler ultrasound examination often reveals different degrees of swelling of the prostate. Routine prostatic fluid will indicate a decrease in lecithin bodies, accompanied by an increase in white blood cells or normal white blood cells. If the lecithin body is reduced, accompanied by an increase in white blood cells, the possibility of considering bacterial prostatitis is higher. And if the white blood cells are normal, consider aseptic prostatitis.
No matter what type of prostatitis it is, it needs to be checked and treated in time. If it is bacterial prostatitis, further cultivation of prostatic fluid and drug sensitivity tests are required. Sensitive antibiotics can be selected for treatment according to the results of the drug sensitivity test.
What should men do if they get prostatitis? 
1. Drink plenty of water
Drink plenty of water, do not hold back urine, and excrete if men want to urinate. It also has a specific effect on the infection of the bladder and urethra. It can help men flush out bacteria, slow down the growth of bacteria, and relieve the feeling of discomfort.
2. Dress loosely
Men who wear pants must pay care to be loose and breathable to benefit the health of the private parts, especially those who have prostatitis, should notice this detail. Only the private parts that are ventilated and breathable will not breed bacteria.
3. The diet needs to be light and nutritious
Part of the cause of prostatitis may be caused by improper diet. People who like to eat spicy and irritating foods are more likely to suffer from inflammation. Therefore, they need to adjust their diet to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and some natural unsaturated acid fat foods.
5. Proper exercise
Exercise makes people healthy. Life lies in inactivity. How much experience tells us that exercise is beneficial to physical health. Therefore, proper training can strengthen the body, promote blood circulation, and reduce diseases, especially for sedentary men.
5. Use medication for treatment.
Patients with prostatitis can be treated with herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This pill has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It can dredge the prostate inside and outside the blood vessels, open the metabolic and nutrient channels, and clear the small blood vessels that accumulate lipids. The drug can directly eliminate inflammation and sterilize. Under the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, it restores the blood flow space of the glands and the blood oxygen supply.

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