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Can Men Smoke After the Prostatitis is Cured?
There is no direct relationship between smoking and prostatitis, but patients with prostatitis generally do not recommend smoking. Because the harmful ingredients in tobacco are still relatively high, this is still somewhat harmful to the human body. Some surveys show that most prostate patients cannot be cured because of smoking during the illness. Cigarettes contain dangerous substances such as tar and nicotine, which directly affect the prostate organs and cause the blood circulation of other organs, accelerate the congestion of the prostate, and eventually cause prostatitis to remain unhealed for a long time.

Patients with prostatitis usually have symptoms such as frequent and urgent urination, which seriously affect daily life. Prostatitis can even cause sexual dysfunction and even infertility, so men must go to the hospital for treatment in time.
At present, there are many ways to treat prostatitis, and some physical therapy methods can be selectively used for patients. Physical therapy is generally a more common adjuvant therapy, and the procedure is also more effective. Patients can choose to use some red light physical therapy. Red light physical therapy can improve blood circulation and promote the absorption of inflammatory cells.
Prostatitis can also be selectively treated with some drugs, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a relatively common herb-based medicine. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is composed of a variety of natural herbs, which repair body functions. It has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects and can effectively inhibit inflammatory cells. After most people take it, the clinical symptoms will be significantly reduced. Some bacterial prostatitis needs to be treated with antibiotics, and the combined medication will have a better effect. Non-bacterial prostatitis can also be treated with some diuretic and leaching drugs, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, mainly to relieve the symptoms of dysuria.
Generally speaking, smoking is not recommended for the above to take effect. Smoking has a relatively significant impact on the human body. Patients with prostatitis can do some sports in everyday life to enhance their fitness and improve local blood circulation. The diet should keep light. Patients can eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement the body's vitamins. In everyday life, to achieve a balanced diet, patients should eat some high-protein and nutritious foods, and it is best not to touch some irritating foods.
Prostate patients should not smoke after curing their prostate problems. Prostate inflammation is also related to male sitting and standing habits. For example, sitting for a long time, like a long-term living habit of a taxi driver, can easily cause pressure on the genitals, especially the prostate, and inflammation will form over time. Therefore, patients with prostate inflammation should maintain proper exercise after curing and avoid sitting for a long time, preventing the recurrence of this problem.

It is necessary to develop good eating habits. After the prostatitis is cured, pay attention to a light diet and avoid irritating food, so as not to affect the recovery. Patients with prostatitis need to eat more foods that are conducive to urination. Foods such as watermelon and grapes are rich in vitamins. They can also promote urination and help reduce the effects of bacteria in the urine.
Drinking plenty of water can promote urination. Drinking plenty of water in patients with prostatitis can empty some of the toxins in the body, which can achieve the role of counseling prostatitis. Do not eat diuretic foods for prostatitis. Otherwise, it will cover up the patient's condition and cause treatment failure.

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