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Will Prostatitis Affect Erections?
Prostatitis is an increasingly common disease in modern men. The series of urinary tract discomforts it brings is enough to bother men. Suffering from prostatitis may also affect erection and cause troubles such as male sexual dysfunction.

How does prostatitis cause erections?
Prostatitis is divided into acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. Among them, patients with chronic prostatitis can indeed affect erections or have sexual dysfunction such as impotence, which is mainly due to the following two factors:
1. Factors of prostatitis itself:
In patients with chronic prostatitis, sexual desire will be relatively robust in the early stage. The nerve centers that control sexual activity will be too tired if it is not maintained. Eventually, sexual excitement will be inhibited, resulting in sexual dysfunction. 
As the disease progresses, the prostate and the Inflammation, congestion, and edema in the seminal vesicles gradually aggravate. The disease progresses further, which may cause fibrosis of the prostate tissue and occlusion of blood vessels and ducts and severely affect endocrine and exocrine functions. It makes that easy to develop penile erection dysfunction.
Suffering from prostatitis may affect the erection of the penis. When prostatitis is left untreated for a long time, the secretions of prostatitis may continue to stimulate the sexual nerves in the prostate gland. It is easy to cause dysfunction of sexual neurotransmission, which may lead to slow erection when the patient has sex. 
Some patients with severe prostatitis can also cause erections and impotence. In addition, prostatitis may also affect the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone in the body, and it may also affect the lecithin body, which will affect the erectile function of men.
2. Psychological factors:
For prostatitis, as the disease worsens, the patient's psychological burden increases, leading to limited erectile function, impotence, premature ejaculation, and other phenomena. Psychological factors mainly cause this situation.
Some patients with chronic prostatitis are too nervous after getting sick, which can inhibit sexual excitability and reduce sexual function. It is because prolonged prostatitis will make the prostate congested for a long time. It makes the excitability of the erection center of the penis and sexual nerves continue to increase. 
Then the excitability of the erectile center is decreased due to excessive excitement and inhibition. Coupled with the discomfort caused by prostatitis to the urethra and the psychological impact on the patient, it leads to erectile dysfunction of the penis. This situation often occurs in patients with chronic prostatitis who have a longer course of the disease and a more severe condition.
How to maintain the prostate, please remember these six methods:
1. Drink plenty of water
Too high a concentration of urine will stimulate the prostate. If the stimulation lasts for a long time, it will cause problems. Therefore, men should drink plenty of water and use water to dilute the urine concentration to reduce the effect of urine on the prostate.
2. Don't hold back urine
Many people will habitually hold back urine. It is a nasty habit. Although it will not directly lead to the onset of prostatitis, it has played an essential role in promoting. Because frequent urination will cause urine retention, which will cause prostatitis after a long time, when men have an urge to urinate, they should solve it immediately and not hold urine.
3. Control the number of sex lives
Frequent sex will keep the prostate in a state of prolonged hyperemia. This situation must be avoided and learn to reduce the frequency of sex.
4. Bathe in warm water
A warm water bath relieves the fatigue, relaxes the prostate's tension, and relieves the symptoms of prostate discomfort.
5. Pay attention to hygiene
The private parts of men are very poorly ventilated. Many viruses or bacteria will take the opportunity to enter. If they are not cleaned, it will cause prostatitis. Therefore, men must always clean their private parts.
6. Straddle exercise should be moderate
Although exercise can make the body healthy, if men ride a bicycle or do straddle exercises for a long time, it will cause pressure on the prostate. If men want to maintain the prostate, they must pay attention to these exercises.
7. Receive professional treatment 
Prostatitis has a significant impact on men's bodies and psychology. Once diagnosed, the patient must have confidence and believe that treatment adherence can be cured. Patients with acute prostatitis are in an urgent condition and are usually treated directly with antibiotics, which can take effect quickly. 
Surgery is generally not recommended for chronic diseases, there may be postoperative infections, and the risk is relatively high. Chronic prostatitis can be treated with drugs, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The pill is made of herbs and has no side effects. The recurrence rate after cure is also meager. Drug treatment can significantly reduce the risk of infection.

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