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How to Prevent the Recurrence of Prostatitis?
Prostatitis is a difficult problem encountered by many men. It not only has a serious impact on psychology but also may cause infertility physiologically.

Why is prostatitis easy to relapse and hard to cure?
Chronic prostatitis is difficult to treat, which often makes certain patients lack confidence in treatment. It is inconsistent with the existing laboratory routine examination results and the severity of symptoms. There is still a lack of specific treatment methods for this type of disease and individual differences in treatment. And some factors such as inaccurate treatment effect have a great relationship.
Chronic prostatitis can be treated with herbal medicines, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, diuresis, relieve leaching, anti-inflammatory, and sterilization, and effectively target chronic genitourinary diseases. And the recurrence rate after cure is very low, and it can also increase the chance of natural pregnancy.
Repeated perineal injuries, such as long-term cycling without proper adjustments, can aggravate prostatitis. A long-term unhealthy lifestyle and not paying attention to proper rest and recovery will put the body in a sub-healthy state. 
Suppose acute prostatitis is not treated in time. In that case, repeated antibiotics without medical consultation will cause drug resistance if men do not care about the cooperation and treatment of sexual partners, resulting in repeated cross-infections. As well as unhealthy psychological factors, such as too high or too low expectations for medical treatment, feeling disappointed or unable to adhere to treatment after treatment, etc., are the main reasons clinical chronic prostatitis is difficult to cure and easy to relapse.
Frequent masturbation is one of the causes of excessive prostate hyperemia. A small number of patients have severely affected the prostate's normal secretion and excretion function due to long-term excessive masturbation, which may become the main cause of prostatitis. 
But at the same time, it should be pointed out that even if there is a long-term frequent masturbation habit, it does not necessarily lead to chronic prostatitis. There are individual differences in the definition of whether masturbation is too frequent and the strength of individual disease resistance.
Therefore, as long as most adult men can control the frequency of masturbation, they do not have to worry that masturbation will induce prostatitis. Moreover, moderate masturbation can also help clear the prostate fluid and relieve the blood stasis of the prostate, which is also useful for protecting or restoring prostate function. It has a certain positive meaning.
To prevent the recurrence of prostatitis, men can start from the following aspects:
1. Reasonab sex life. Moderate sex life will not aggravate the condition but will help the resolution of prostatitis. Pay attention to regular sex life or semen, avoid excessive, irregular sex life and masturbation. During the treatment of prostatitis, it is necessary to cooperate with sexual partners for treatment, such as choosing sterile condoms.
2. Avoid sitting for a long time and staying up late. Don't sit down for a long time, especially those who like to play cards. After sitting for a long time, the perineum and pelvic cavity are easily congested, leading to the recurrence of prostatitis. In addition, do not stay up late. Staying up late will reduce the resistance and cause inflammation recurrence.
3. Do not hold back urine, let alone stop urination suddenly. Otherwise, it is easy to cause urine to flow back into the prostate tube and cause inflammation. It may also lead to the formation of prostate stones.
4. Arrange physical exercises and sports activities appropriately to improve the body's immunity. Cultivate good hygiene habits and appropriately improve unhealthy eating styles, such as alcoholism, gluttony, greasy and spicy food, etc. But it does not require deliberate changes in eating habits.
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