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Having Constipation? Beware of Prostatitis!
The prostate is a significant part of men. It has an impact on Male reproductive health and urinary system health. However, if men don't pay much attention to them, they are prone to suffer from prostatitis in middle age. Frequent urination is very urgent. Distress and may worsen diseases such as prostate cancer. Therefore, men should pay attention to the health of the prostate and avoid prostatitis.

Can constipation also cause prostatitis?
If men are often constipated, it means that their excretion function is not good. If they are constipated for a long time, bacteria and impurities accumulated in feces and other dirt in the body will be absorbed by the body. Over an extended period, the human body's health environment is relatively poor. The accumulated land in the body may also squeeze into the male's pelvic cavity, which significantly increases the pressure in the pelvic cavity, affecting blood circulation in the lower abdomen. It affects the prostate and other organs of men, causing prostatitis.
The treatment goals of chronic prostatitis are mainly to relieve pain, improve urination symptoms and improve the quality of life. Efficacy evaluation should focus on symptom improvement. Due to the barrier of the lipid-like membrane of the prostate acinar epithelium, a variety of antibiotics cannot penetrate the prostate acinar. Moreover, there are often small infected stones in the prostate, so the treatment effect is often not ideal. Currently, comprehensive treatment is still the main focus, including applying antibacterial drugs, stress relief, dietary changes, avoiding spicy foods, and surgical treatment.
Chronic prostatitis treatment can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill have strong bactericidal power and can eliminate inflammation and sterilize. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pills also affect diuresis and leaching, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing away heat, and detoxification. After a period of consistent use, it can significantly alleviate the patient's pain. Continue to use it for some time to achieve the goal of curing chronic prostatitis.
What is the cause of common prostatitis?
1. Prostatic hyperplasia disease can cause repeated prostate congestion, causing infection, and careless manipulation of urethral dilation can bring bacteria into the prostate and cause prostatitis.
2. Male excessive massage or excessive force can cause prostate congestion or edema, leading to prostatitis.
3. Male urethritis can also cause prostatitis. The curing bacteria of urethritis enter the prostate through the urethra and prostatic tube, causing prostate and prostatitis.
4. Male lousy living habits, frequent alcoholism, cycling, etc., may cause prostate congestion and prostatitis.
5. Not paying attention to keeping warm is also one of the factors that cause prostatitis. Not paying attention to cold will cause the sympathetic nerve activity of the prostate, resulting in increased pressure in the urethra, blocking excretion due to contraction, resulting in congestion and congestion, leading to prostatitis.
The harm of prostatitis
1. Make a male infertile because the sperm is affected. Long-term chronic inflammation changes the composition of the prostate fluid, which affects the secretion function of the prostate, which in turn affects the liquefaction time of the semen, and the decline in sperm motility can lead to male infertility.
2. It has a significant impact on the life of patients. The most direct effect is physical discomfort, which affects work and life: a series of diseases such as lumbosacral, perineum, testicles, and other parts of the swelling and pain due to the stimulation of prostate inflammation. Dirty urine, frequent nocturia, etc., make the patient irritable and affect work and life.
3. It impacts male sexual function, and the most intuitive impact is impotence and premature ejaculation. As the disease has not been cured for a long time, various symptoms and discomforts will aggravate after sex. Or it directly affects the feeling and quality of sex life, causing a malignant stimulus to the patient and gradually a sense of disgust, leading to impotence, premature ejaculation, and other phenomena. Impotence and premature ejaculation can also cause male infertility if it is severe.
4. Men have endocrine disorders and may cause mental disorders: under normal circumstances, the prostate can secrete various active substances. Endocrine disorders due to prostate inflammation can cause neurasthenia and mental abnormalities; symptoms such as insomnia and dreaminess, fatigue, dizziness, slow thinking, and memory loss can also occur.

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