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One of the Three Diseases in Middle-aged Men--Prostatitis
Both modern and ancient people are tirelessly seeking the secret recipe for longevity. According to the survey, the average life expectancy of men is 5-10 years shorter than that of women. It is mainly related to excessive stress, failure to pay attention to physical health, and poor living habits. Especially when men enter middle age, it is a high-risk period of life, and three kinds of diseases are easy to get rid of.

Which three diseases are middle-aged men susceptible to?
1. Prostatitis
More than half of middle-aged men have varying degrees of prostatitis. In mild cases, frequent urination and dysuria and dysuria may occur, and prostate cancer may develop in severe cases. Men usually have to maintain a harmonious sex life, not excessive indulgence and abstinence. 
Only a regular and balanced sex life can maintain normal prostate function. Try to stay relaxed and not be overly anxious. Frequent warm baths can relieve muscle and prostate tension and relieve symptoms of discomfort. Friction in the perineum can aggravate prostate symptoms, so men can't ride or sit for long periods.
Acute prostatitis comes quickly, and the condition is urgent, and antibiotics can be used for treatment because antibiotics take effect quickly. But long-term use of antibiotics can cause drug resistance or side effects. Incomplete treatment of acute prostatitis may lead to chronic prostatitis.
Chronic prostatitis can be treated with drugs, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively relieve pain and eliminate diseases. It has the effects of diuresis and leaching, clearing away heat and detoxification, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, and effectively treating male urinary system diseases. And the recurrence rate after cure is low.
Men need to take good care of the prostate. It is recommended to eat papaya seed oil, which is squeezed from papaya seeds. It contains unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid. It also contains biologically active substances such as amino acids and phytosterols, which can inhibit infection from preventing the urethra and prostate infection. 
In addition, papaya seed oil can also reduce symptoms such as frequent urination, burning urethra, and bloody urine caused by prostate hyperplasia, promote smooth urination, reduce residual urine, and facilitate bladder emptying.
2. Cardiovascular disease
Arteries affect physical health, but the incidence of cardiovascular disease has increased in recent years, which has seriously threatened people's life and health. After getting older, blood vessels will gradually age and harden, and their elasticity will decrease, making them prone to various vascular diseases. 
In addition, male smoking and drinking, high-calorie diets, etc., will narrow or block the blood vessels, prone to the formation of thrombotic factors. Blockage of blood clots in the brain can cause a cerebral infarction, and jam in the heart can cause myocardial infarction and take away precious lives.
3. Kidney disease
The kidney is the foundation of the innate. The kidney is responsible for storing essence, promoting growth and development, and avoiding the invasion of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, the health of the kidney plays a vital role in life. But male bad habits can damage kidney health, such as staying up late, smoking and drinking, excessive indulgence, and drug abuse. 
Significantly after 50 years of age, renal function gradually declines, which can easily cause various kidney diseases, such as nephritis and renal failure. The kidney meridian originates from the soles of the feet. Protecting the feet is equivalent to saving the kidneys. Frequently using hot water to soak the feet can achieve the effect of warming and nourishing the kidney Yang while also improving the quality of sleep, which is conducive to promoting Qi and blood and the maintenance of kidney essence.
Middle-aged men should actively prevent the above three diseases and go to the hospital for regular check-ups to discover and resolve problems quickly. Those with a family genetic history of cancer should pay more attention to cancer screening.

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