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What Self-therapies Have You Tried for Chronic Prostatitis?
Prostatitis can be said to be a problem for many men. On the one hand, the incidence of this disease is very high; on the other hand, prostatitis is very difficult to cure. Once dragged down, it will form chronic prostatitis. 

If you get chronic prostatitis, it is often difficult to completely cure, and the disease will recur and bring many adverse impacts to the patient's life. So what self-therapy can help chronic prostatitis patients ease the pain? Look at the self-therapies of chronic prostatitis below!
1. Warm water sitz therapy
It's very convenient for the patient to do it independently without any medical equipment. Pour warm water of about 40 degrees Celsius into a basin (about half a pot) and sit for about 15 minutes once or twice a day.
If patients want a better effect, they can add appropriate herbs to the water,  promoting the absorption of drugs and improving the curative effect. It is important to note that temperature and time must be well controlled to avoid injury.
2. Massage therapy
Massage therapy is a suitable means of adjuvant therapy to treat chronic prostatitis. Self-massage is simple and easy to be accepted and mastered by patients. 
Before a massage, soap can be used to lubricate the prostate to reduce discomfort, and the massage must be gentle. If the prostate appears discomfort, be sure to stop the massage and seek the doctor's help in time.
During the massage, The patient is in a squat or lateral flexion position and cleans the anus after defecation. Then press on the prostatic gland with your middle or index finger. It is best to massage for 3 to 5 minutes and discharge prostatic fluid from the urethra at least three days between each massage treatment. 
3. Exercise therapy
The rehabilitation effect of exercise therapy for chronic prostatitis patients, especially mental tension prostatitis patients, is obvious. Suitable exercises include aerobic exercise, jogging, swimming, tai chi, yoga, etc. However, if you exercise too much, it is easy to cause sports injuries; But if the amount of exercise is too small, it often can not achieve good results. Scientific exercise is conducive to the rehabilitation of chronic prostatitis.
4. Keep a good mood
People's emotions have a significant impact on their physical health. It is suggested that men with chronic prostatitis should pay attention to regulating their emotions, not have excessive ideological pressure and mental burden, and not be pessimistic and desperate. Chronic prostatitis is not a complex disease to treat, and patients need the courage to face the disease. 
The most crucial aspect of self-therapy for prostatitis is a lifestyle change. Many factors aggravate prostatitis. Such as staying up late, having an irregular lifestyle, drinking alcohol for a long time, eating a lot of spicy food, or sitting for a long time.
Long-distance bus drivers and taxi drivers are significantly more prone to prostatitis, which may be linked to congestion of the prostate gland caused by prolonged sitting. So to alleviate prostatitis, you have to change your lifestyle to avoid these aggravating factors and live a regular life. A healthy lifestyle is a part of self-therapy for chronic prostatitis.
The self-therapy above for chronic prostatitis is auxiliary. If you want to cure chronic prostatitis, you still need to treat it with drugs. Chronic prostatitis has complex etiology and amounts of treatment time. 
It is suggested to take oral herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Its formula can promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, clear heat, and detoxify. In addition to sterilization and anti-inflammatory, it also makes the prostate blood unobstructed, conducive to the prostate's early recovery.
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