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Can Prostate Massage be Used As a Treatment for Prostatitis?
Prostatitis is a common disease in men. Many patients know about prostate massage when treating prostatitis. Some patients blindly believe in the efficacy of prostate massage and do frequent massage at home without consulting a doctor. Some patients worry that the prostate cannot be massaged casually. So which idea is correct? Let's learn more about prostate massage together!

Prostate massage is a routine method for doctors to collect prostate fluid. Doctors often have the following requirements for the patients before the prostate examination.
1. Before Inspection
The day before the examination, it is best not to have sex. If the prostatic fluid is drained during sex, it may be challenging to obtain prostatic fluid during the massage. It is best to have a bowel movement and urination before the inspection.
2. During Inspection
(1) Don't be too nervous during the examination. Excessive tension will cause the muscles of the anus to contract, which will make it more uncomfortable;
(2) People with long foreskin should turn up the foreskin to expose the urethra. Take deep breaths to help relax, and tell the examining doctor not to push too hard;
(3) The feeling of prostate massage varies from person to person. Some people will feel more sensitive. You can tell the doctor to stop the examination if you feel unbearable.
3. After Inspection
General urologists collect prostate fluid through prostate massage, then drop it directly on the slide, and immediately send it to the laboratory for examination.
The doctor will judge whether there are diseases such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, or prostate tuberculosis according to the number of white blood cells, red blood cells and lecithin in the prostatic fluid seen under the microscope.
Can Prostate Massage be Used As a Treatment?
Prostate massage is mainly suitable for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. Prostate massage is unsuitable for bacterial prostatitis because some bacteria will spread with the prostate massage, aggravating the symptoms of prostatitis. Therefore, prostate massage is only for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis.
In many patients with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, the prostatic glands are not properly drained due to long-term inflammation, and secretions accumulate in the glands. It will cause frequent and urgent urination and lumbosacral, perineal, or lower abdomen bulges and other symptoms and seriously affect the patient's quality of life. The doctor may recommend that the patient be treated with regular prostate massage. This method helps to improve local blood circulation, promote the excretion of inflammatory secretions, and unblock the glandular ducts of the prostate, helping to achieve the purpose of treatment better.
This method is especially suitable for unmarried young men. Because they do not have a regular sex life, their prostate is repeatedly congested, and the prostate gland fluid is not excreted smoothly. Each massage treatment should be at least three days apart, and you should have massage 1 to 2 times a week. After the massage, it is recommended that the patient urinate immediately after the message so that the inflammatory secretions remaining in the urethra can be excreted with the urine.
In conclusion, prostate massage is one of the simplest and most widespread ways to diagnose prostatitis. It can be used as a treatment for some types of prostatitis but not for all types of prostatitis. Prostate massage should be avoided in patients with bacterial prostatitis. The most effective way to treat prostatitis is to take medicines according to the doctor's advice. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. Its pure plant formula can gently kill the pathogens that cause prostate infection, and long-term use will not cause drug resistance or drug resistance.
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