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Why Is Chronic Prostatitis So Difficult To Treat? Maybe Consider These Reasons
As we all know, chronic prostatitis is refractory and difficult to cure. The disease will recur repeatedly and have a long course, seriously affecting people's normal work and life. This makes people very distressed.

Why is chronic prostatitis so difficult to treat?
1. The relationship between the prostate and surrounding tissues is more complicated
The blood vessels in the first part of the prostate have a characteristic. It is called a lot of inflow. It is easy for blood to go in, and it is difficult for blood to come out. That is to say, and it is easy to form congestion. In addition, there is a layer of the paper capsule on the outer layer of the prostate. 
Most antibiotics and many drugs are soluble in water but not in oil. When these drugs act on the prostate, the concentration and the prostate volume are minimal. It is a tiny organ in the human body. After taking a lot of drugs, the whole body will decompose. The effective concentration in the prostate is also shallow, so in modern medicine, it is difficult for drugs to enter the prostate in the treatment of the prostate. The drug concentration is low, so the treatment effect is relatively poor.
2. The disease itself has its characteristics
As far as natural medicine is concerned, this position is critical in the human body. It is the starting point of the three meridians, and it has a relatively significant impact on the overall function of the human body. Since the disease is already a result of long-term damage to the body's functions, they come from many sources. Long, it is naturally slower when he treats it, so they often say that prostatitis is now a chronic disease in medicine. Patients need to adhere to the treatment for a long time.
3. Prostatic fluid is not easy to discharge.
The prostate is located deep in the pelvis, and a portion of the prostatic fluid passes through the prostate duct into the urethra and out of the body. The prostate tube enters the urethra at right angles or obliquely to the urethra, which is not conducive to the excretion of secretions. When an infection occurs, the secretion is stimulated, forming a pus plug, blocking the catheter, and causing poor drainage. 
When the catheter is blocked, metabolites and bacteria are not easily excreted from the body, which is not conducive to resolving inflammation. Even if some bacteria are killed, they will remain in the body, reducing a person's resistance and immunity.
4. There is no standardized processing.
When suffering from a disease, if scientific and standardized treatment is not carried out, especially trauma treatment, it will cause prostate damage or infection, which will increase the difficulty of treatment. 
In addition, long-term high-dose antibiotics will disturb the flora environment, reduce resistance and immunity, stimulate the growth of pathogenic bacteria, make the body develop drug resistance, and eventually cause double infection. But herbal medicine can effectively avoid drug resistance. At this time, you can choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can sterilize, reduce inflammation and reduce swelling. It will not produce drug resistance; it can directly reach the affected area and eliminate the root cause of the disease.
5. There are no contraindications during the medication
The cure of chronic prostatitis requires better self-discipline because chronic prostatitis cannot sit for a long time, stand for a long time, and must live a regular life, let alone eat spicy food, indulge in sexual desire, etc. Accidentally drinking, staying up late and having sex, sitting for a long time due to work, standing for a long time, drinking, and smoking caused re-inflammation repeatedly. In addition, the treatment cycle of chronic prostatitis is relatively long, usually taking several months, and most patients need long-term adherence.
When suffering from chronic prostatitis, the patient must choose a regular hospital for treatment. They can't believe in advertisements and must take medicines strictly according to the doctor's orders and get rid of bad habits in time. During this period, patients must control their sex life and not overdo it, allowing infected prostatic fluid to build up in the body.
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