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Are Constipated Men Prone To Prostatitis?
Prostatitis is one of the most common male diseases. Under normal circumstances, constipation can also lead to prostatitis.

So why does constipation cause prostatitis?
1. Adjacent location
The close anatomical relationship between the prostate and rectum underlies intestinal diseases that can affect the prostate and cause prostatitis. From the perspective of human anatomy and physiology, the prostate and rectum are both located in the pelvis, the prostate is in front of the rectum, and there is only a layer of the baby's anterior rectum between the two. 
The function of the rectum is to store feces. When the amount of feces reaches a certain amount, the pressure in the rectum will increase so that people will have the urge to defecate. Due to the smooth defecation, the mechanical extrusion of the stool can be solved, and the local physical and chemical environment of the prostate can be improved. Therefore, constipation and prostatitis have a certain relationship.
2. Hazardous substances
Because the gut has a robust absorptive capacity, feces will stay in the gut for long when constipation occurs. Many harmful substances may spread to the prostate, causing inflammatory irritation. Feces contain a lot of bacteria and metabolic toxins that are harmful to the human body, so the large intestine and stool are smooth, which is very important to maintain the normal physiological metabolism of the human body. Long-term constipation can lead to the storage of bacteria and metabolic toxins in the human body, leading to lesions over time.
3. Mechanical compression
Constipation can cause mechanical compression of adjacent organs, narrow the lumen of the prostate, and block the ducts. It can also lead to narrowing of the urethra, causing the backflow of urine, which can lead to chemical irritation and prostatitis. Although the prostate capsule is relatively hard, it can prevent the invasion of bacteria from surrounding tissues, which leads to prostatitis, especially when constipation leads to excessive pressure in the rectum and poor excretion of bacteria and toxins. It is more likely to cause or aggravate prostatitis.
4. Complications of constipation
For example, proctitis can worsen the physiological environment around the prostate, which can stimulate the gland, leading to prostatitis.
The elderly should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of constipation to reduce the occurrence of prostatitis. If you have chronic prostatitis, make bowel movement your top priority. The usual inflammatory response and recurrence of prostatitis can be reduced through diet, exercise, and drug conditioning.
Prostatitis can be improved as long as it is treated as soon as possible. For problems caused by constipation, men should adjust their daily life and diet. Bad living habits can improve the phenomenon of constipation so as not to cause pressure on the prostate area, resulting in repeated prostatitis, and there is no way to recover. 
If prostatitis has been caused by constipation, the primary treatment task is to improve the condition as soon as possible. Whether constipation will affect prostatitis depends entirely on the individual physical situation of men. If the prostatitis patients are very serious, patients should pay more attention to constipation caused by prostatitis, especially the impact on prostatitis, which is very important. Important issues.
Generally, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be taken to treat chronic prostatitis, which can effectively reduce inflammation, relieve pain, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, enhance body resistance, and regulate male self-healing power. With drug conditioning, men will be healthier.
As for constipation, diet is a very critical factor. In daily life, patients should drink more water. At the same time, they should not eat spicy food and refuse to smoke and drink. Eating more digestible foods, including fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, nuts, etc., can help improve gut health and prevent prostatitis.
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