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Can Prostatitis Cause the Prostate To Get Bigger?
Whether prostatitis can cause prostate enlargement? It is usually related to the severity. For example, mild prostatitis won't cause prostate enlargement normally, and it can cause prostatic mucosa edema only. Patients with active anti-inflammatory and swelling treatment can improve the phenomenon of prostate edema. 

However, if prostatitis is serious and not treated in time, it may cause prostate enlargement because severe prostatitis will lead to congestion ulcer of the prostate mucosa. In this case, it will make the prostate secrete much prostatic fluid, which is difficult to discharge, thus leading to prostate enlargement. If your ultrasound examination found that there is a large amount of fluid in the prostate, you can choose the appropriate method of treatment, which helps the normal recovery of prostatitis.
So when the male has prostatitis, he should be treated in time to avoid causing some complications. Can prostatitis bring about prostate enlargement? Let’s come to understand the relevant situation of prostatitis together.
Prostatitis can lead to prostate enlargement, and the reasons are as follows:
First, prostatitis is an inflammatory reaction that occurs in the prostate. When inflammation occurs, it can cause congestion and edema of the prostate, which will increase the prostate's volume and the symptoms of abnormal urination.
Second, if acute prostatitis is not treated in time, it causes bacteria to grow and multiply in the prostate, resulting in a prostate abscess. At this moment, the prostate volume can become big, compress the urethra, appear the phenomenon of micturition difficulty, and urine drips. If symptoms become serious, it seems to be acute urine retention.
Third, the prostate enlargement caused by prostatitis is related to many inflammatory substances formed in the prostate when prostatitis attacks.
In addition, the occurrence of prostatitis will also have a significant impact on male health and may even affect the quality of sperm. If prostatitis is severe, it can even affect sexual function. Prostatitis will have a certain impact on sperm because the prostatic fluid is a part of the semen. If the prostatic fluid is normal, it will have little effect on sperm. Severe prostatitis may cause sperm to survive in the vagina for a shorter time, causing a lower probability of conception.
So, prostatitis must be treated in time. Patients can choose appropriate antibiotics based on the causative agent to treat the disease. Treatment can also be combined with anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers, or physical therapy to relieve symptoms. In addition, there are M receptor antagonists, alpha receptor antagonists for prostate massage and hyperthermia, surgical treatment and biofeedback therapy, psychotherapy, and traditional Chinese medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat and improve symptoms.
Patients must adhere to the doctor's advice, and pay attention to drinking more water and urinating more. Keep a normal bowel movement. Pay attention to the diet, do not eat spicy and stimulating food, and quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Avoid sedentary and insist on exercise. To ensure the health of the prostate and prevent kinds of prostate disease, people should avoid cycling, and other sports that lead to compression of the perineum.
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