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Prostatitis: Why Should I Keep Warm in Summer?
If a man has a prostate disease, he should keep warm even in hot summer.

Why should men with prostatitis pay attention to keeping warm in summer?
In the hot summer, many patients have relatively mild symptoms, so many patients are very relaxed during the summer. But summer is also the season when many patients' symptoms get worse.
The heat in summer causes many patients to wear cooler clothes, ignoring local warmth. To deal with the heat, many patients are in an air-conditioned environment. Air conditioning can bring a comfortable and cool body feeling. But it also often aggravates patients' symptoms.
In summer, patients wear fewer clothes and feel cold when they blow on the air conditioner for a long time. Some patients even get a cold due to blowing the air conditioner at night, which aggravates the patient's disease. Therefore, in summer, especially when sleeping, patients must pay attention to local warmth.
When summer comes, many patients begin to ignore the management of diet. Cold foods and drinks can make people's symptoms worse. After entering the human body, cold food will cause disturbance of gastrointestinal function, which is the biggest disadvantage for patients with prostate disease. Many patients already have spleen and stomach disorders, and cold food will aggravate this disorder, allowing the patient to transport colder and dampness to the whole body, which will exacerbate the disease.
Why can not the prostate get cold?
If people with prostate disease let their glands cool, it can cause two problems:
On the one hand, under the stimulation of low temperature, it will cause the disorder of the autonomic nerve function of the prostate, deepen the degree of rigidity and sclerosis, and lead to the deterioration of the prostate disease.
On the other hand, under the stimulation of low temperature, the prostate gland will shrink sharply, causing or aggravating the obstruction of the posterior urethra of the prostate, resulting in prostate diseases such as urinary hesitancy, thin urine, urinary weakness, and urine dripping.
How to maintain the prostate in summer?
1. The patient should not stay in the air-conditioned room for long. Although the air-conditioned room is cool, staying in the room for a long time is easy to cause the occurrence of air-conditioning disease, which reduces the resistance and immunity of patients with prostate disease, and leads to the aggravation of the prostate disease.
2. Patients need to avoid cold drinks. On the one hand, if patients with chronic prostatitis eat cold beverages, the dampness and heat in their body will increase, leading to aggravating chronic prostatitis. 
On the other hand, cold drinks are also irritating foods. When patients with chronic prostatitis overeat, the patient's lower abdomen will be cold, which will affect the blood circulation of the lower abdomen and perineum, leading to chronic prostatitis. The patient's symptoms of local swelling and pain aggravated.
3. Patients should not drink carbonated beverages often. Drinking many carbonated beverages will lead to a drop in the PH value of human body fluids, resulting in a decline in the body's disease resistance and immunity. In addition, most carbonated beverages contain alcohol, paralyzing the autonomic nerves that regulate the prostate gland, leading to aggravation of the prostate disease.
4. The patient needs to drink more warm water. It is good for keeping warm and blood flowing, diluting the urine, flushing the urethra, and preventing infection.
5. The patient can take a warm bath or sitz bath with warm water. It can promote the blood circulation of the prostate, thereby improving the pain symptoms caused by prostatitis. When taking a warm sitz bath, it is necessary to pay attention that the water temperature should not be too high to prevent irreversible damage to the testicles
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