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Chronic Prostatitis: Exercise is the Turbo Boost 
It is reported that exercise can improve the disease resistance of patients with chronic prostatitis, improve their local blood circulation, and make the secretion of prostatic fluid more vigorous. It can promote the absorption and dissipation of inflammation and effectively alleviate patients' clinical symptoms, such as the discomfort of the perineum, lower abdomen, and lumbosacral swelling.

Additionally, exercise can make therapeutic drugs' efficacy reach the prostate of patients quickly so that they can be fully exerted. Therefore, patients with chronic prostatitis must exercise appropriately in daily life.
It is difficult to treat chronic prostatitis. If men want to get rid of this disease as soon as possible, drug treatment alone is often not enough. In addition to taking herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, it is best to cooperate with daily health care and exercise therapy to assist in treatment.
What kinds of exercises can be the Turbo Boost for chronic prostatitis patients?
1. Race walking
Race walking is neither as vigorous as running nor as gentle as walking. It is a very suitable exercise for chronic prostatitis. The rhythmic stretching and galloping of the basin muscles during the race walking can promote the blood circulation of the prostate and its surrounding areas and allow the organs around the prostate to impact it regularly and forcefully to achieve the effect of massage. Therefore, it is very conducive to the rehabilitation of chronic prostatitis.
2. Taijiquan
Taijiquan can effectively combine medical care and sports and belongs to a nonpharmaceutical, natural therapy. For patients with chronic prostatitis, Taijiquan can regulate Yin and Yang, Qi and blood, dredge meridians, calm the mind, regulate the body, breath, and heart, and practice essence, Qi, and spirit. Also, it can strengthen health and dispel pathogenic factors, help patients remove inflammatory substances in the prostate, and promote the flow and discharge of filth.
3. Swimming
Proper swimming helps to accelerate the blood flow of the whole body, including the prostate. It is beneficial to eliminate prostate bacteria or promote the dissipation of prostatic inflammation. It can not only accelerate the local blood circulation of the prostate but also promote the secretion of prostatic fluid and dilute the bacterial toxins in the prostate.
Moreover, swimming makes the secretion of prostatic fluid active, thus alleviating inflammation. It can effectively ease the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, such as lumbar acid swelling, perineal pain, neurological disorder, and neurasthenia. In addition, when swimming, the blood circulation speed of the whole body is accelerated, and drugs can be quickly transported to the prostate gland, significantly increasing the therapeutic effect of medications.
The above is about the exercise suitable for chronic prostatitis patients. I hope that through the introduction of this article, you can actively do the above exercise while treating yourself to help yourself recover faster and better.
Expert tips: Patients with chronic prostatitis have no special requirements for sports. But there will be local pain symptoms, such as the perineum, small abdomen, bilateral groins, or lumbosacral. When there is pain, exercise will aggravate the pain. Therefore, patients need to avoid some intense exercise when choosing exercise.
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