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Prostatitis Self-therapies: Life, Diet, Exercise and Massage
Prostatitis is a prevalent disease in men. Usually, patients experience the uncomfortable symptoms of frequent, urgent, and painful urination, which seriously disturbs their normal life and work. So once prostatitis is detected, patients should seek treatments actively.

The patient can take self-therapy to treat and promote the body’s recovery. Here we will see what self-therapy is for prostatitis.
1. Self-therapy of Life
Many people are unaware of prostatitis, which causes prostatitis to recur frequently. Most patients believe that prostatitis and sexual life have a great link to each other, and they cannot have a sexual life when suffering from prostatitis. 
The reverse is true, and the patient can have sex.
Regular sexual life can relieve prostate disease because it can avoid inflammatory infections caused by long-term congestion of the prostate. In daily life, patients with prostatitis should relax adequately, keep a happy mood, develop good habits, and not be sedentary. Insist on exercise and good personal hygiene to avoid the invasion of bacteria.
2. Self-therapy of Diet
Food is essential for everyone, especially prostatitis patients should pay attention to a light diet, do not eat or eat less spicy stimulating food. Drinking more water is a good idea to dilute the urine concentration, reduce the stimulation of high urine concentration on the prostate, and discharge the bacteria in the urine. Eating more fruits, such as apples, grapes, and kiwis, is also advisable to help treat prostatitis.
3. Self-therapy of Exercise 
Life is motion. It’s a great way to boost metabolism, speed up blood circulation in the body, reduce local congestion in the prostate and other areas, and help to relieve prostatitis.
However, do gentle movements, such as walking, jogging, gymnastics, square dancing, etc. Strenuous exercise will make the prostate congested and edematous, aggravating the discomfort, so cycling, motorcycling, horseback riding, and racing are unsuitable. It is because long-time cycling will lead to pressure on the prostate gland, making it congested and edematous, causing the symptoms of prostatitis to worsen.
4. Self-therapy of Massage
Massage is a physical therapy method that can have many beneficial and benign effects on the body, especially some massage therapies that relieve the condition.
Patients lying on their backs, the two hands overlapping, pressed in the lower Dantian, left and right rotation and kneading each 30 times. The force should be light, not too violent, and not too fast. From left to right, press lightly under the umbilicus, small abdomen, and above the pubic symphysis, once in 1-2 seconds, 20 times in a row, with light pressure, not too hard, to relieve urinary retention caused by prostate enlargement. Lie on your back with your feet bent at the knees, put both hands can not be hot, and then use your index finger to gently massage the perineum point 20 times, one in the morning and evening.
The above is the self-therapy of prostatitis. Prostatitis patients can learn to get good treatment for prostatitis and restore the body to health as soon as possible. When suffering from prostatitis, patients also need medication. The safer one is the TCM Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate the symptoms and the cause, and it is especially suitable for patients with chronic prostatitis.
In addition, patients do not need to abstain from sex, and they can have a regular sex life, which is very beneficial in relieving prostatitis. However, don’t be too frequent because frequent sexual life will also aggravate the discomfort of the body symptoms. Just the right amount is good enough.
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