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Chronic Prostatitis Treatment Need Comprehensive Minds
When patients with chronic prostatitis seek medical attention, the doctors often suggest a combination of treatments. It is a pertinent recommendation that patients should adopt. 

Why do many doctors promote comprehensive treatment? This is an issue that every patient is concerned about and needs to understand.
1. The treatment of chronic prostatitis is influenced and limited by many factors. The current medications and treatments, although numerous, are mostly non-specific. It is also because of the many medications and treatments that indicate that a single treatment method has advantages and limitations. For instance, the long-term effect of drug treatment is better, but the effect is slow. Physical therapy has an immediate impact on improving symptoms, but it lacks the definite efficacy of a radical cure.
Organic medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has very few adverse effects and provides better relief. Its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-swelling effects are apparent. Thus, patients should determine a comprehensive treatment plan according to their condition and analysis the advantages and disadvantages of various methods.
2. The application of various methods properly can achieve a synergistic effect, such as organic and Western medicine with treatment. Western medicine focuses on anti-bacterial and targets infection factors. Organic therapy focuses on activating and adjusting the blood. In addition, the two swords combine to improve the treatment effect and also consolidate the treatment effect.
Prostate injection therapy is really effective for stubborn chronic prostatitis. But it tends to harden the prostate tissue and scar formation, which hinders the drainage of prostate fluid and the penetration of drugs. This is done in conjunction with effective physical therapy methods or organic treatments to improve circulation and soften the scar.
Chronic prostatitis, a physical and mental disease, is syndromic. It has many triggering factors and is highly prone to recurrence. Sometimes, it can cause anxiety and loss of confidence in treatment, which can be secondary to dysfunction, increasing the difficulty and complexity of treatment. It also determines that treating chronic prostatitis is a comprehensive treatment process.
Some patients need a certain amount of psychological treatment after treatment. Although the white blood cells in the prostate fluid drop to normal and the bacterial culture turns negative, their subjective symptoms do not improve.
The patient should introduce targeted treatment, such as psychotherapy, diet therapy, and self-life conditioning. Some simple and easy methods, such as hot water sitz baths and regular prostate massage, are the methods that every patient should choose.
Chronic prostatitis has a complex etiology, various clinical symptoms, and certain characteristics of local pathological changes. So, in the specific implementation, eyes should be focused on the overall approach to improve the body's ability to resist disease and adjust the overall function of the body. Eliminate the triggering factors, improve local chronic congestion, and smooth local drainage. Eliminate harmful factors to promote the absorption of inflammation and softening of diseased tissues, etc.
The choice of treatment method should be analyzed and applied according to the patient's specific situation and the lesion's different stages. Suppose you have been recently diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. In that case, clinical symptoms are mild, prostate fluid routine laboratory tests more white blood cells (pus cells), positive bacterial culture, choose effective antibiotics, and prostate massage and warm water sitz bath and other methods, can achieve good results. 
Those with severe symptoms that are difficult to tolerate may choose organic medicine treatments, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to relieve the symptoms quickly.
For those cases where the objective indicators of prostatitis have returned to normal after appropriate treatment, but subjective symptoms do not improve, it must also be coupled with the necessary psychological treatment. Only then the treatment effect of chronic prostatitis will continue to improve.
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