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Can Sexual Abstinence Cure Prostatitis? Is This Reliable?
Prostatitis is an acute or chronic inflammation caused by bacterial infection. The patient may experience a series of urinary changes, such as frequent urination, painful urination, poor urinary tract, and other symptoms.

In addition, in the patient's pelvic area, there will be a more distinct pain. If you have been infected with prostatitis for a long time, it can affect sexual function and fertility, which is a greater threat to men’s health.
It is well known that prostatitis has a particular relationship with sex life, so many patients refuse to have sex to prevent the disease. 
Do prostatitis patients have to be abstinent?
Patients can have a couple’s life, but it should not be too frequent. Indulgence is harmful, abstinence may not be beneficial, and a measured release is the best way to protect prostate health.
If you have chronic prostatitis caused by chlamydia, mycoplasma, or gonococcal infections, you should not have sex because the pathogenic bacteria may be transmitted through sex. Moderate sex life is conducive to recovering the patient’s condition, but the frequency should be controlled. 
Maintaining regular sex life can promote fluid secretion from the prostate gland, maintain vascular patency, and speed up the discharge of inflammatory factors, thereby reducing inflammation and promoting recovery.
Many patients are accompanied by mild or severe anxiety and insomnia, and the discharge of sperm during sex can help relieve stress and divert attention. Moderate sex life can also promote prostate and pelvic congestion, input beneficial substances through blood circulation, and discharge metabolites, which is beneficial to the recovery of the disease.
Health is the balance of yin and yang. Both abstinence and indulgence can easily lead to prostatitis. If you already have prostatitis, all you can do is actively treat it and face your desires squarely while restraining your indulgences. It is the only way to achieve a balanced and full state, which will help a lot with physical recovery, psychological health, and harmony in the couple’s relationship.
How can prostatitis patients take care of their lives?
Prostatitis prevention is better than cure, and you can easily prevent prostatitis by paying attention to good habits in daily life.
Less sitting and staying up late: Sitting for a long time is of great help to the pathogenesis of the prostate, and staying up late will disrupt our metabolism and have a great impact on prostatitis.
Regular urination: Make good habits, urinate regularly, and do not withhold urine. Regular urination has great resistance to prostatitis. It is very important to develop good urination habits.
Eat less spicy food: Spicy food is more irritating to men’s body and eating spicy food greatly impacts prostatitis. Eat more vegetables and fruits and other fresher vegetables.
Keep a good attitude: Psychological factors may increase the chance of prostate lesions. The clinical evidence shows that when life and psychological stress are reduced, the prostatitis symptoms will be relieved at the same time. Therefore, you should try to keep a relaxed state. A good psychological condition and sufficient rest will help to protect the prostate.
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