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What Diseases Are Probably Confound with Prostatitis?
Prostatitis is one of the most common disease that would occur on adult males. Even when you develop so-called "prostatitis symptoms", you may still be suffering from other health conditions.

1. Chronic urethritis or urocystitis: the clinical expression is similar with the prostatitis’s, but there is no abnormity found by checking the prostate.

2. Prostatodynia: there is no substantive lesion. The expression is the pain of the perineum and the upside of pubis, companied with urinary tract expression such as urination disorder. The prostate is normal on palpation. Microscopic examination of the prostatic secretion is normal. There is no bacteria in the medium of prostatic fluid and urine.

3. Granulomatous prostatitis: even though the symptoms and result of digital rectal examination are easy to confound with the prostatitis. But the former is developing faster. It can induce urinary retention in a short time and the induration is developing faster. We should identify them by biopsy of the prostate. The granulomatous is expressed as granulomatous reaction.

4. Others prostatitis or prostatosis (also call non bacterial prostatitis). It is very difficult to make a distinction between chronic bacterial prostatitis and non bacterial prostatitis. Pain in perineum may occur. The patients have urinary and sexual dysfunction. Through prostate examination, we can find that there are many lecithin body and an increased amount of leukocyte. But there is no bacteria growing in the smear and medium.

5.Prostatorrhoea (also call non bacterial prostatitis, prostate leakage or chronic prostate congestion): there are milk white secretions flowing from the urethra at the ending of the defecation and urination, usually accompanied with mental symptom. But digital rectal examination and prostate filter inspection both have a positive result. Bacteriological test has negative result.

6.Prostatic cancer: At advanced stage there would be symptoms of urinary tract. By digital rectal examination we can find there is hard lump in prostate, and the surface of it is rugged. By the examination of smear of prostatic fluid and needle biopsy we can both find cancer cells.

7. Tuberculosis of prostate. The symptoms is similar to the prostatitis, but the patients have history of tuberculosis. By digital rectal examination we can find that the prostate is in an irregular nodular shape, the epididymis is congesting and becoming hard and moniliform induration exists in the spermaduct. If we use the direct smear of mycobacterium tuberculosis of prostatic fluid or medium of mycobacterium tuberculosis, we can find mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tubercle or necrosis can be seen in the prostatic biopsy examination.

8. Prostatic calculus: Patients would feel painful in lumbosacral portion and perineum. And they also have sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, prospermia and etc. By digital rectal examination, we can feel like stone rubbing. By pelvic X-ray we can see positive calculus shadow, which can help us to identify the disease.
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