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These Symptoms Indicates That Prostatitis Is On Its Way To You
Many bad smoking and drinking habits in men now significantly increase the probability of suffering from prostatitis. In the early stage of prostatitis, because the symptoms are not very obvious, people will not pay attention to it, so many patients are already more severe when they discover the disease. Experts point out that the sooner disease is detected, the sooner the treatment is better, and mild prostatitis can easily be cured.

If it turns into chronic prostatitis, the symptoms recur, making treatment more difficult. And many patients will also experience some side effects due to long-term antibiotic therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill becomes a better choice. It is a great way to eliminate the symptoms, treat disease, improve the patient's resistance, and reduce the probability of recurrence. And it will not produce drug resistance, nor will it bring harmful effects to the body.
How to find prostatitis early? These 5 symptoms frequently appear, indicating that prostatitis is coming!
Prostatitis symptom 1: Urinary Insufficiency
In the early days, many patients said they felt weak when urinating and passed urine quickly when they went to the toilet, with a long range. But after suffering from prostatitis, they urinated slowly. They can only excrete urine slowly, and when urinating, a feeling of weakness is increased, and the whole person is very uncomfortable.
Prostatitis symptom two: frequent urination and urgency
Under normal circumstances, a person urinates about 5 times a day, but in patients with prostatitis, urination will increase significantly, resulting in frequent urination and urgency. In severe cases, urination maybe 20 to 30 times a day. And the amount of urine is tiny. When it develops to the later stage, the patient will also experience a burning sensation in the urethra during urination, accompanied by pain after each urination.
Prostatitis symptoms three: urinary incontinence
Urinary incontinence is embarrassing, but it is more common in patients with prostatitis. Usually, with urinary incontinence, a large amount of urine is left in the bladder of a prostatitis patient who can't get it out. If you have similar symptoms or other uncomfortable symptoms, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.
Prostatitis symptoms four: perineal pain
After suffering from prostatitis, patients will feel uncomfortable symptoms such as heaviness and bulge in their perineum. Occasionally, patients also experience tingling or severe pain. This painful sensation can spread from the perineum to the lower back, penis, and the inside of the thighs. When the patient is on tuba, the pelvic cavity of the patient is stimulated by inflammation, and the force of defecation at the same time may aggravate the pain mentioned above and cause a more profound feeling.
Prostatitis symptom five: white dripping from the urethra
The symptoms of white urethral dripping are more common in chronic prostatitis, which is manifested as a small number of white secretions at the patient's urethral opening. Especially when the patient gets up in the morning to go to the toilet, he will find that the urethral opening is stuck with white secretions. White secretions will also appear in the urethral opening after each bowel movement, and there is also a white discharge from the urethral opening after every bowel movement.
If you already have the above symptoms, you must not delay. Although prostatitis is difficult to discuss, it cannot be delayed forever. It is the right choice to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.
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