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Can Young People Heal Prostatitis by Themselves If They Quit Some Bad Habits?
Prostatitis is clinical manifestations such as pain or discomfort in the pelvic region, abnormal urination, and other clinical manifestations caused by the infection of the prostate by pathogenic bacteria and some non-infectious factors. Prostatitis is a common disease, especially in men aged 20-50, with a higher prevalence.

What bad habits do young people have that can lead to prostatitis?
The first is terrible living habits. For example, overeating spicy and irritating foods, drinking too much alcohol, holding back urine for a long time, and sitting for a long time will increase the risk of prostatitis. Spicy food is not the direct cause of prostate disease. Alcohol, pepper, and other foods have a stimulating effect on the prostate and urethra, which can cause temporary discomfort in the perineum and can also cause vasodilation to promote congestion and edema of the prostate and bladder neck, causing prostatitis. 
Often holding back urine can make the bladder full and distended, leading to the inability to urinate, causing increased local pressure and poor blood flow, and aggravating prostatic hypertrophy symptoms. Holding back urine can overfill the bladder and compress the prostate. The position of the prostate determines that men sit on the prostate to a large extent, so men who often sit for a long time have a heavier burden on the prostate. 
Sitting slows down the blood circulation, leading to chronic congestion and congestion of the prostate, accumulation of local metabolites, obstruction of the glandular ducts of the prostate, and poor excretion of glandular fluid, leading to the occurrence of chronic prostatitis. 
The second is improper sex. Excessive sex life, multiple sexual partners, or excessive masturbation can induce prostatitis; "tolerating ejaculation" or interrupting ejaculation will make the prostate to continue to hyperemia, and edema and eventually lead to inflammation. 
The third is overwork. Excessive work intensity will reduce the body's resistance and increase the probability of suffering from prostatitis. 
Fourth, iatrogenic factors. Urinary catheters, etc., may also induce prostatitis.
Can young people with prostatitis heal themselves?
Prostatitis in young people has the opportunity to heal on its own, and prostatitis is also common in young people. Acute prostatitis is often accompanied by painful urination, fever, and urinary retention. The main symptoms of chronic prostatitis are abnormal urination and pain in the pelvic area.
Mild prostatitis can be wholly relieved by improving lifestyles, such as drinking plenty of water to flush the urethra, reducing sitting posture, proper exercise, and sex life. However, it does not mean that observation should be made once prostatitis occurs, and treatment measures such as drugs should not be taken. The onset of acute prostatitis is often sudden, accompanied by urinary retention, fever, chills, etc. Therefore, timely treatment is required. Otherwise, it will cause infection and toxic shock. 
Mild chronic prostatitis symptoms can be relieved by improving lifestyles, but it is still recommended to conduct a urine routine, prostatic fluid examination, and use sensitive antibiotics for treatment. Therefore, prostatitis has the opportunity to heal itself, but active treatment is still recommended.
In particular, some men who have had chronic prostatitis for a long time need active treatment. The course of antibiotic treatment for chronic bacterial prostatitis is 4-6 weeks. Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis can be treated with oral fluoroquinolone and other antibiotics for 2 to 4 weeks. If the symptoms are alleviated, continue to use, and the entire course of treatment is also 4-6 weeks. Because long-term antibiotics may impact the body, patients can choose the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to get a cure.
In summary, young people with prostatitis can heal themselves, and mild prostatitis can be completely relieved by improving their lifestyles. Of course, once the symptoms of prostatitis occur, it is recommended to seek medical attention promptly. It is essential to enhance the examination and determine whether antibiotic treatment is needed or not.
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