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What to Know About Yellow Semen and Prostatitis?
The normal male semen is translucent egg-white milky white. If the abstinence time is longer, the color of the semen will turn yellow due to the change in physical and chemical properties. 

Of course, the yellow semen may also be caused by a disease like prostatitis. It may be caused by the patient getting angry, or it may be that the man himself has semen deformity, so the semen turns yellow.
So how to identify if it is pathological or normal physiological? This can be combined with your situation and the doctor's examination. 
If you find the symptoms of yellow semen, it is suggested that it is best to go to the hospital for a checkup to be responsible for your body and early treatment. Talking about treatment, we need to understand some of the causes of yellowing sperm.
From a pathological point of view, the causes of sperm yellowing are as follows:
1. Reproductive infection
Men with prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis can also cause yellowing of sperm, which needs to be treated in time. The semen is milkier white or yellowish, when it is just ejected from the body. If it is inflamed or remains in the body for longer, the color will be a darker yellow. The yellowing may also be caused by septic infection of the prostate and seminal vesicles, also known as seminal plasma abnormalities. 
The color of seminal plasma is determined by the components that make up seminal plasma, and if it becomes thick, semen naturally turns yellow. If the semen is not mainly yellow but slightly yellowish, do not worry too much, and the cause of this situation may be the reason for not ejaculating for a long time.
2. Yellowish sperm caused by sperm malformation
More than 20% of spermatozoa are malformed in semen. Malformations include abnormal head, body, and tail morphology or mixed malformations of the head and body. However, we should not be frightened by the malformations. Every time a man ejaculates, there are always some stunted malformations in the sperm. 
As long as the rate is not high, they do not affect standard conception. But this problem can also make the semen yellowish. It is necessary to go to the laboratory in time to test the sperm malformation rate.
3. Sperm agglutination is one of the causes of yellow sperm
Because the phenomenon of the seminal vesicles occurring without liquefaction, many sperm antibodies are produced. It will have a large number of sperm antibodies, leading to excessive clumping of sperm, and this will make the sperm yellowish in the long run.
Following is a direct focus on the patient's most important question, can yellow semen be treated? Which is the most effective treatment method with minor side effects?
Generally speaking, the physiological yellowing of semen is only transient and disappears quickly, often caused by prolonged non-ejaculation, and the semen usually appears light yellow.
Pathological yellowing of sperm should be noticed. Some diseases, like prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, may also cause sperm yellowing. The yellowing of sperm caused by this condition may affect the body's functional state and require prompt medical treatment.
Patients can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill that invigorate blood stasis, clear heat and detoxify the body, and promote laxatives and diuretics to solve glandular problems, thus eliminating prostatitis and achieving the effect of curing prostatitis. It can also treat seminal vesiculitis. 
In addition, the symptoms of yellowing semen are naturally cleared up when prostatitis and vesiculitis are cured.
In the end, it all boils down to one word: Early detection and early treatment. If physiological reasons cause sperm yellowing, it doesn't affect pregnancy. But if the cause is pathological, then it may cause infertility. There is no need to be nervous about this situation, don't feel ashamed to avoid treatment. Seeking timely medical attention to discover the cause is the best policy.
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