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Prostatitis: Are There Health Benefits of a Prostate Massage?
Prostatitis is common in our daily life. If there are abnormal symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, and pain in urination, consider whether there is inflammation inside the prostate. Many people are shy to talk about prostate diseases and want to treat them by massage. 

Are there health benefits of a prostate massage?
Prostatitis patients may have low sexual desire, decreased frequency of ejaculation, and other symptoms. Massaging the prostate can dredge the glandular ducts of the prostate so that inflammatory secretions can be excreted, thus helping to treat prostatitis and alleviate symptoms. For example, patients with chronic prostatitis who do not have regular ejaculation can go to the hospital to massage the prostate once or twice a week to dredge the glandular duct, which is helpful for treatment.
However, most prostate diseases are not suitable for massage. Frequent massage and improper manipulation may aggravate the condition. Prostate massage helps treat chronic prostatitis, but it is not allowed for patients with acute prostatitis.
Especially for patients with chronic prostatitis, it is very effective to find apparent congestion and edema in the prostate due to prostate stasis caused by decreased sexual activity or rectal ultrasound examination. However, it is not adequate for patients with extensive prostate calcification.
If there is inflammation inside the prostate gland, and the prostate fluid cannot be eliminated, the inflammation cannot be eliminated. The proper method is to massage the prostate to discharge the prostate fluid, which helps treat prostatitis. In clinical practice, the strength of massaging the prostate gradually increases within the patient's tolerance. However, the operation should be gentle and careful to avoid damaging the integrity of the acinus of the prostate so as not to aggravate inflammation. Generally, the patient should massage twice or three times a week, lasting for one to two months or a little longer.
However, this operation treatment must also be combined with other therapies, such as taking symptomatic Chinese medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.
The specific treatment plan needs to be determined after clinical medical evaluation. The prostate is deep in the human body, and there are many organs around the prostate. If you hit the acupoints at will, you may damage your body. Patients who want to treat prostatitis through massage must be careful!
Here are some recommended exercises to help you exercise the muscle tissue around the prostate, which can form a gentle and effective massage for the prostate. These sports include fast walking, jogging, and anus lifting, mild lower limb sports.
1. Fast walking: It can promote gland metabolism and blood circulation and make the gland's muscle tissues move. Walking fast for 30 minutes daily can also accelerate the human body's metabolism. It can transport the wastes metabolized by the glands out of the body, ensuring a healthy environment for the glands.
2. Jogging: Jogging can promote the internal circulation of the human body, deliver sufficient nutrition to the glands, and keep the glands healthy. Although jogging is simple, it may cause damage to the body if the posture is incorrect. Moderate jogging is good for prostatitis.
3. Anus lifting exercise: anus lifting exercise is very helpful in improving prostatitis. The training method is to contract the muscles in the anus and then relax the muscles in the anus. Repeat the training. It is recommended to have three groups daily, 3-5 minutes each time.
These exercises, if you can persist for a long time, are perfect for prostate health.
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