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Chronic Prostatitis May Affect Fertility: 4 Key Points in Treatments
Chronic prostatitis is a confusing disease with a high incidence rate (4% ~ 25%). Nearly 50% of men will suffer from prostatitis symptoms at some point in their lives.

Chronic prostatitis may affect fertility.
There is no clear understanding of whether chronic prostatitis will affect fertility. Some patients have severe symptoms of prostatitis, but they can still reproduce. In theory, inflammation in the current glands will affect the quantity, quality, and composition of semen, which may lead to infertility. Therefore, this issue should be viewed dialectically.
When inflammation occurs in the prostate, the secretion of prostate fluid decreases, which reduces the amount of semen, interferes with the survival and activity of sperm, decreases the activity of enzymes in prostate fluid, increases the semen viscosity, and prolongs the liquefaction time. In addition, inflammation can also reduce the ph value of semen and make the body produce anti-sperm antibodies, resulting in sperm death. The prostate fluid contains many bacteria and bacterial toxins due to inflammation, which can consume the nutrients of seminal plasma, thus affecting the survival of sperm.
From the above discussion, it is not difficult to see that chronic prostatitis may impact fertility. However, from the perspective of clinical cases, the fertility of most patients with chronic prostatitis is normal. Although a few patients have infertility simultaneously, it should be recognized that there are many reasons for infertility.
If chronic prostatitis is overemphasized, other causes will often be ignored, thus delaying the treatment opportunity, which may also unnecessarily increase the patient's fear of the disease. If the husband and wife do not find any other cause of infertility through systematic examination, there is no need to be too nervous because chronic prostatitis can be completely cured.
There are four key points in treating chronic prostatitis.
1. Keep your mind steady and don't worry
Maybe all patients with prostatitis have this situation. When they find chronic prostatitis, they feel terrified and want to cure it at once. This is unnecessary. Unlike other diseases, chronic prostatitis needs to be treated and recuperated slowly. As long as you keep your mind upright and cooperate with the doctor's treatment, your body will recover as soon as possible.
2. The treatment is mainly to relieve symptoms
In some hospitals, the treatment of prostatitis is always based on the examination of prostatic fluid. It is wrong to start treatment on this basis. If you only check the prostate fluid, it will be easy to place the treatment center on the routine treatment of prostate fluid rather than for prostatitis. Although this treatment can play an anti-inflammatory role, it will not relieve the symptoms of chronic prostatitis. The patient will also encounter various physical discomfort in life, so the treatment should focus on relieving symptoms.
3. Treatment of chronic prostatitis with traditional Chinese medicine
According to the characteristics of prostatitis, many antibiotics have little effect in the late stage of treatment. The traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has become the first choice for treating chronic prostatitis. Its heat-clearing and detoxification, blood activating, and stasis-removing effects can eliminate various urinary tract and pain symptoms of patients and achieve the goal of cure.
4. Comply with the principle of double compliance
It is suggested that you must observe the principle of double rules when seeing a doctor: that is, you must go to a regular hospital and receive routine diagnosis and treatment.
This is how chronic prostatitis is treated. I hope you can do a good job of nursing and apply the matters needing attention in treating chronic prostatitis to real life.
The body is the capital of the revolution. You can be healthier by preventing and treating diseases as early as possible. In today's world, more and more diseases begin to appear around people. If people do not pay attention, they can only harm themselves. 
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