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Your Daily Habits Matter Recurrent Prostatitis: Cast off 3 Bad Habits
The prostate gland is the life gland of men, which plays a significant role in men's bodies. For example, it helps men regulate the secretion of hormones to keep androgens adequate. It can also secrete prostate fluid to generate semen and has a specific role in controlling urine. Therefore, both men and men should try to protect their prostate gland to avoid abnormal conditions.

Some men do not protect their prostate at ordinary times, leading to prostate inflammation, causing urgency, pain, frequency of urination, hematuria, or abdominal pain. Patients usually recover their prostate after receiving regular treatment. However, some men will have prostatitis repeatedly. What is the situation?
Repeated prostatitis is related to three habits.
1. Sitting still for a long time
Men usually sit still for a long time because of work or study, leading to excessive pressure on the prostate. When the prostate is in a state of congestion for a long time, it can cause the breeding of inflammatory substances, causing prostate inflammation.
Moreover, if you sit still for a long time, your blood circulation will weaken, which will increase your risk of suffering from varicose veins in upper and lower extremities, reduce your immune system, and make you more likely to get sick.
2. Frequently hold urine
Some people usually habitually hold their urine for a long time, which will cause the urine to flow back into the prostate tract. The prostate will inflame after being stimulated by harmful substances in the urine. To prevent this situation, people should discharge urine as soon as possible and ado not let the urine stay in the body for a long time. Otherwise, it will cause not only urethritis but also cause prostatitis.
3. Improper sexual life
Frequent sexual life or frequent masturbation of men at ordinary times will lead to long-term congestion of the prostate, unable to get sufficient rest, and easily cause prostatitis over time.
But if sperm is not discharged for a long time, it will also cause semen to flow back to the prostate, causing inflammation after damage.
The above three conditions are easy to cause repeated prostatitis in men. If you want to prevent repeated attacks of prostatitis, you should avoid doing these things to reduce the damage to the prostate.
If the prostate is found to be slightly inflamed, the patient can do the following two things, which may help the prostate recover without spending money.
Drink plenty of water. After the prostate is slightly inflamed, the patient can drink as much water as possible, and the daily water consumption should be between 2000ml and 3000ml. Drinking water can promote the human body's metabolism and make a large amount of urine. When bacteria are discharged out of the body through urination, the prostate environment becomes clean, and it will slowly recover.
Pay attention to personal hygiene. Patients with prostatitis should pay attention to personal hygiene at ordinary times, try to wash their lower body or take a bath every day, and change into clean underwear. Only in this way can the body be kept clean and fresh to prevent bacteria or viruses from entering the urethra through the urethral orifice and then entering the prostate, which will cause irritation to the prostate and make the body unable to recover quickly.
In addition to the above two aspects, a light diet, strengthening physical exercise, and regular work and rest time are also good ways to help men promote the recovery of prostatitis. However, if you find prostatitis is getting worse, you should go to the hospital in time and not delay your illness.
For recurrent prostatitis, Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a good effect. It is mainly treated by clearing away heat and toxic substances, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promoting the absorption and dissipation of prostatitis substances, alleviating various symptoms of patients, and restoring male health.
It is suggested that every man develop a good diet and living habits at ordinary times to enhance the body's immunity, improve disease resistance, and the prostate will become healthier and healthier.
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