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Complications of Chronic Prostatitis: What You Should Know
In life, more and more men have chronic prostatitis. This disease is relatively difficult to treat. If it cannot be treated early, it will cause complications, seriously harming men's lives. However, many friends did not realize the importance of timely treatment at the beginning of the disease and missed the best treatment time, resulting in more complications.

What are the complications of chronic prostatitis?
Effects on sexual function and fertility:
The primary manifestation is sexual dysfunction, such as the short duration of sexual intercourse, which may be related to the stimulation of the prostate. Long-term discomfort creates pressure on patients' psychology, which makes them restrained and worried, especially for patients who cannot solve the disease. They often think that their sexual function is defective. Over time, it may cause spiritual impotence. Blood sperm may appear in prostatitis complicated with seminal vesiculitis.
The main component of semen is prostatic fluid, and the sperm discharged from the testes and epididymis must be nourished and transported by seminal plasma, including prostatic fluid, to have the ability to combine with eggs. The semen routine of patients with chronic prostatitis often shows low sperm vitality and high mortality. The incidence of infertility in patients with prostatitis was significantly higher than that in normal people.
Effects on the whole body:
In addition to symptoms of the local urinary system, chronic prostatitis can manifest as allergic iritis, arthritis, endocarditis, myositis, etc.
A considerable number of patients have a series of symptoms of neurasthenia due to their unique personality characteristics and disposition tendencies, such as paranoia, hypochondria, excessive sensitivity, and excessive concern about the inner experience brought about by physical changes, such as insomnia and dreaminess, physical discomfort in many places, weak waist and legs, mental weakness, dizziness, memory loss, inattention, fatigue, and spermatorrhea. The relationship between prostatitis and cognitive symptoms is still unclear and deserves further study.
Different individuals with chronic prostatitis have different levels of mental symptoms. Once suffering from prostatitis, you can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for symptomatic treatment and dialectically according to the patient's overall situation to reduce the symptoms.
The prostate gland is the most prominent accessory gonad in the male reproductive organs. The prostate fluid it secretes is an integral part of semen. Like other body organs, the prostate can also get sick. The most common is chronic prostatitis. It is clinically found that 25%~50% of men have suffered from this disease.
To protect the prostate, men must pay attention to the following issues:
1. Check if the foreskin is too long: if the foreskin is too long, circumcision should be performed as soon as possible to prevent bacteria from hiding and retrograding into the prostate through the urethra. Timely removal of chronic infection lesions in other body parts prevents bacteria from entering the prostate from the blood.
2. Set up a correct concept of sex: avoid having too much sex. It can release energy through exercise and other ways to prevent the prostate from hyperemia due to excessive sexual life.
3. Develop the habit of urinating in time: because holding urine can make urine flow back into the prostate.
4. Avoid sitting for a long time: Sit or ride a bicycle for a long time soon to avoid poor prostate blood flow.
5. Develop good habits: less wine and more water, less sugar and more fruit, less meat and more vegetables, less salt and more vinegar, less anger and more laughter, less medicine and more practice, less car and more steps.
The above is an introduction to the complications of chronic prostatitis and some prevention methods. I hope it will be helpful to the majority of patients. Once you have chronic prostatitis, you should find it, check it or treat it as soon as possible.
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