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Is Chronic Prostatitis an Incurable Disease?
Prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis, is common in men. The current state of treatment of the disease is that some doctors tell patients that chronic prostatitis is incurable and its treatment is optional and ineffective. 

So, is chronic prostatitis not cured? 
In fact, chronic prostatitis is not an incurable disease. However, if patients do not pay much attention to daily maintenance during and after the treatment, it is not easy to cure, and there is a strong possibility for it to recur. Therefore, some doctors conclude that chronic prostatitis "is not easy to cure, but can be cured."
Chronic prostatitis is usually a result of acute inflammatory lesions that are severe or not thoroughly treated. Generally, patients can show symptoms of bladder irritation, such as frequent urination, burning and pain of the urethra in urination, and radiation to the head of the penis. In the morning, there may be mucus and other discharge from the urethra, and there may also be difficulty in urination. 
Some patients will also experience discomfort in the perineum and anus, and the pain will increase when squatting, defecating, and sitting on a chair for a long time. Due to the complex and diverse symptoms of chronic prostatitis, many doctors feel difficulty in diagnosing and treating chronic prostatitis and generally lack confidence and accurate diagnosis of the disease, which ultimately leads to unreasonable treatment.
But this does not mean that chronic prostatitis cannot be cured. In recent years, there have been important advances in the research of chronic prostatitis, especially in using molecular techniques to more easily identify pathogenic microorganisms, which makes the diagnosis and treatment of this disease more accurate. Of course, the patients themselves have to cooperate well with their doctors and pay attention to treatment and maintenance in their daily lives. Patients should not have a fear of the disease. If patients do not actively cooperate in treatment, it is likely that the disease cannot be completely cured. 
So, specifically, how can chronic prostatitis be cured?
Patients can take regular and reasonable medication, and the symptoms can be effectively controlled. The treatment of chronic prostatitis is not complicated. The key is whether patients can get medicines with persistence. Massage can be used once a week, and patients can perform it 4 ~ 8 times in a continuum as a course of treatment. For infectious prostatitis, patients can also take western medicine to eliminate inflammation, in addition to magnetic therapy, hydrotherapy, and other physical therapy, or through the vas deferens injection of drugs. 
Patients can also take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Its main effects include clearing heat, detoxifying the body, being diuretic and drenching, which can eliminate the patient's symptoms related to prostatitis and will not harm the body. It is an effective treatment recommended by clinicians. 
In addition to active medication treatment, the patient's living, eating, and working habits are important in clinical practice. Patients need to pay attention to stay warm and prevent colds. They should go to bed and rest early. They should have sex regularly because too much sex or no sex is equally unhealthy. 
They should not be sedentary. Besides, riding a bicycle or driving for a long time is not good. They should eat less spicy and stimulating foods and avoid cigarettes and alcohol. These habits help improve the body's resistance, so the patient's resistance to the recurrence of prostatitis can be promoted. 
Doctors should encourage patients and reduce their psychological burden. If they say chronic prostatitis is incurable, it will be adverse to treatment. Chronic prostatitis is not an incurable disease, but the course of the disease may be long, and it is prone to relapse. However, as long as comprehensive treatment is adopted, the disease can be cured. Patients should establish the confidence to overcome the disease to twice the result with half the effort.
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