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How to Perform Psychological Intervention for Patients with Chronic Prostatitis
The prostate is a vital organ unique to men and is known as the man's life gland. However, chronic prostatitis always brings several urinary and painful symptoms to many men, making them suffer a lot. In addition, chronic prostatitis patients are also prone to psycho-psychiatric symptoms, which can cause depression and loss of emotions in men. 

The most common male medical condition is chronic prostatitis, and there is much information on the internet. The fact is that there is a lot of exaggerated information to describe chronic prostatitis as a severe illness, which adds to the psychological burden of the patient.
The appearance of psychological disorders in patients with prostatitis is not an aggravation of prostatitis. The wrong understanding of prostatitis bothers many patients. Prostatitis is a common inflammation of young and middle-aged people, a quality of life problem. Ordinary chronic inflammation doesn't usually lead to severe consequences. And many patients think this disease is severe and leads to mental illness over time. 
In addition, there is a lot of wrong publicity to mislead patients and cause psychological disorders. Therefore, patients with chronic prostatitis need to have basic health knowledge.
In the rapid development of society today, with the increasing psychological pressure of people, some patients are more introverted, too careful, sensitive and paranoid, or even slightly neurotic. Once they have dirty sex, drink too much, and occasionally have abdominal discomfort or abnormal urination, they think they are suffering from prostate disease, worry about it all the time, and do not know what to do. 
It may be just prostatic congestion, and many of these men do not have prostatitis or can be diagnosed as "tensioning prostatitis." Therefore, it is essential to conduct comprehensive and accurate diagnosis and medication when encountering such patients, and patient preaching and psychological counseling will also play an irreplaceable role.
In a word, many psychological disorders in patients with chronic prostatitis belong to new diseases, also need treatment, and can not be simply attributed to prostatitis. The treatment of prostatitis can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has a good effect on chronic prostatitis. Mental illness is also cured when the patient's physical illness is eliminated. But for patients with severe prostatitis, you can treat both.
Mild psychological disorders can be accomplished through explanation and guidance from a male physician, as well as by raising one's awareness and improving one's psychological state. Serious psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety, require timely access to a psychiatrist. Many patients can get good relief through the adjustment of the psychologist and taking symptomatic drugs.
Psychotherapy in treating chronic prostatitis is essential and a comprehensive treatment method. General doctors can carry out certain psychological counseling for patients and train patients to have a correct understanding of the disease. Patients with severe psychological symptoms need the help of professional psychological consultants. Professional drug treatment, scientific use of anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs, and counseling treatment by professional psychologists will help patients relieve their psychological symptoms.
If some patients with chronic prostatitis have developed neurasthenia and poor sleep, they can also be treated with medications that have the ability to calm the mind and regulate the patient's plant nerve function. Psychological aspects should be as calm as possible and build confidence in the proper treatment. In addition, you can also release the heart's troubles and pressure through the usual exercise, meditation, yoga, and other ways.
Chronic prostatitis is not a severe disease. Patients should correct their attitude and actively accept treatment to recover their health as soon as possible.
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