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Is Zinc Supplementation Alone Useful for Prostatitis?
Prostatitis is a disease that easily occurs in men. There are many complex reasons and bad living habits in daily life that may lead to prostatitis. In addition, men's lack of attention to this disease will induce various complications. Many men know that zinc supplements are good for the prostate, so they often eat zinc-rich foods. 

However, is zinc supplementation alone helpful in treating prostatitis?
Zinc supplement has a certain healthcare effect on prostatitis. Men with a long-term lack of zinc trace elements are more prone to prostatitis. As a necessary trace element, zinc plays a vital role in the human body. Semen contains a large amount of zinc. Zinc promotes the development and maturation of reproductive organs and sexual functions, especially the prostate and seminal vesicles in men. 
When the human body has a zinc deficiency, its antibacterial ability will decline. Thus it is easy to cause reproductive and urinary system infections. For example, men lacking in zinc can easily experience prostatitis symptoms. Therefore, men can eat foods rich in zinc in their daily life, such as lean meat, pig liver, fish, egg yolk, oysters, and so on.
But simple zinc supplements can only play the role of adjuvant therapy and can not wholly treat prostatitis. A urinary tract infection causes most cases of prostatitis. When various bacteria in the urinary tract retrograde into the prostate, it causes prostate inflammation. Prostatitis generally has no obvious precursor. 
And if there are symptoms, they are usually urinary tract stimulation symptoms (frequent and urgent urination, urination pain) and chronic pelvic pain. Therefore, to treat prostatitis, symptomatic treatment should be adopted by the doctor. The primary task of treating the disease is to control infection control and relieve discomfort, so men with prostatitis can not blindly supplement zinc.
To treat prostatitis, men must seek timely inspection from the doctor and take the corresponding drug treatment according to the specific conditions. In general situations, antibiotic drugs such as roxithromycin, doxycycline, and other antibiotic drugs are taken to help quickly control the symptoms. The specific drug combination must be decided following the guidance of a urologist. In addition to drug treatment, patients should avoid bad living habits, tobacco and alcohol, and not masturbation.
To reduce the side effects on the body, more and more patients choose to use the natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This drug has a broad spectrum of antibacterial properties, and it can clear heat, detoxify the body, and promote diuresis. It has sound easing effects on male reproductive system inflammation. It has been proved that this pill can eliminate the symptoms related to prostatitis in patients without harming the body.
Therefore, to treat prostatitis and prevent its recurrence, men should not only eat more zinc-rich foods, but they should pay attention to improving bad habits.
1. Keep a balanced diet. Abstain from alcohol, chili, and other stimulant foods. Avoid fatty and greasy foods with high salt. These foods are potentially harmful to the body.
2. Avoid sitting for a long time. Sit for some time, then get up and move around. Avoid biking and horse riding to avoid irritating the bladder and aggravating disease symptoms.
3. Drink more water and have frequent urination. This can reduce the stimulation of the prostate and testicles and is conducive to eliminating inflammatory secretions and rapid recovery from the disease.
4. Keep a regular sex life and avoid overindulgence. Men should get out and do gentle exercises like jogging or swimming to distract themselves.
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