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Yoga for Prostatitis: What Pose to Help
Prostatitis is one of the most common urological diseases in men. When men suffer from the symptoms of prostatitis and receive specific medical treatment, the doctor may suggest that the male patients do some exercise properly. Except for walking, many men are interested in practicing yoga.

So, is yoga helpful in reducing the symptoms of prostatitis?
Yoga is a good way of keeping fit. There are indeed certain patients with prostatitis who can relieve the discomfort of prostatitis through appropriate yoga exercises, such as cat yoga. 
To treat prostatitis, men can try cat yoga. The whole motion of cat yoga is like a cat stretching and bending. Hence it gets the name. This kind of yoga can fully expand men's back and spine. Thus, it can help improve pelvic blood circulation and eliminate soreness and fatigue. In daily life, a man can observe a cat waking up with a straight front leg and then stretching forward. This cat rest movement inspires cat yoga, and men who practice it daily can benefit from it. 
Generally, to make this motion, men will first kneel on the ground to inhale, raise their hips and bend the waist down simultaneously, forming an arc. And then men exhale, slowly arch the backup, face first to the bottom, and then sight the position of the thigh. Men can repeat these three steps after straightening the waist and back and then continue to repeat. This action is conducive to relaxing the pelvic floor and relieving the inflammation of the urinary system.
Doing exercise can help improve the patient's resistance to bacteria and help them better restore to a healthy body. Yoga has been gaining more and more attention from women and men. It is not violent and can be an excellent way to reduce pressure and relieve prostate inflammation.
However, men should understand that most yoga exercises are mainly to help regulate people's physical health state. Yoga is not specifically for treating prostatitis. In other words, it just plays an auxiliary role in disease treatment. It is best to undergo certain medicine or surgical treatment for patients with severe prostatitis. Men should discard the thought that yoga can help them cure diseases.
The clinical treatment methods for prostatitis include drugs (antibiotics and herbal medicines) treatment, surgery, physical therapy, behavior therapy, and so on. If men want to use yoga and other exercises to treat prostatitis, they can adopt a variety of movements. No matter what kind of action is used by men, as long as it can promote pelvic blood circulation, increase the muscle strength of the pelvic floor muscle and coordinate the pelvic nerve, men can improve the symptoms of prostatitis.
Patients can also choose the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. As a patented herbal preparation, it has the main effects of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, being diuretic, and drenching. It has a good curable effect on treating prostatitis and other urinary system diseases, such as epididymitis, orchitis, cystitis, etc.
But men should always keep in mind that the treatment of prostatitis is mainly dependent on drug therapy, and yoga therapy can merely have some relaxation effects. Once a man suspects he has been infected with prostatitis, he should not use drugs indiscriminately in case of aggravating the disease. 
It is recommended that he should go to a regular hospital for a detailed examination and accurate diagnosis. The doctor usually will judge the type of prostatitis by several test methods, for example, the prostatic fluid test. Then the man can choose the suitable treatment method under the guidance of professional doctors.
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