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Keep a Good Attitude in Sexual Life Can Defeat Prostatitis Soon
Due to the chronic pain of prostatitis that can not be cured for a long time, the quality of life of patients has declined, and they may have sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, insomnia, memory decline, etc. Many patients with chronic prostatitis have obvious mental and psychological symptoms and personality changes, especially some patients who have not been cured for a long time have a higher frequency of nervous and mental symptoms, which prolongs the course of chronic prostatitis and makes the condition more complex.

Introverted, overly careful, sensitive, and suspicious people are more likely to have mental symptoms. They often show anxiety all day long, are at a loss, pay too much attention to the harm of their diseases, and worry too much about whether chronic prostatitis affects their sexual function and fertility.
Living in excessive suspicion of illness, patients can't stop worrying. Generally speaking, the mental symptoms of patients with chronic prostatitis have nothing to do with the course of the disease but are caused mainly by psychological pressure caused by long-term treatment.
The impact and damage of prostatitis on sexual life are mainly the symptoms themselves. Keep a reasonable and optimistic attitude. Don't worry too much about temporary sexual function problems. You can recover with treatment. The Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a better choice, eliminating both symptoms and causes, and men can get a complete cure.
At the same time, precautions for prostatitis patients to have sex.
1. Sexual life is prohibited in acute prostatitis, and effective antimicrobial treatment must be taken until all symptoms disappear. Sexual life can be recovered slowly after the general condition recovers for 1 month.
2. In patients with chronic prostatitis, stop their sexual life appropriately at the stage of symptom attack. If it is not in the stage of symptom onset, it is generally encouraged to have normal sex, and it is recommended to control the frequency of sexual intercourse, such as once a week. Regular emptying of prostatic fluid can reduce prostatitis. Using condoms in sexual life can prevent semen from directly entering the female genital tract.
3. After the treatment of acute prostatitis is cured or during the asymptomatic attack period of chronic prostatitis, if you have sex, you should avoid it too frequently. Because of too much sex can lead to excessive and lasting congestion of the prostate, which is unfavorable for the complete cure of this disease.
4. Patients who have had prostatitis should pay attention to the following points in their daily life after recovering from sexual life Do not wear tight clothes and trousers; Overcoming the habit of masturbation; Drink more water and urinate more; Avoid alcohol and eat less stimulating food; People who ride bicycles to work should sit on soft cushions, and the cycling time should not be too long, to reduce prostate congestion.
5. Before and after sex, sexual organs should be cleaned to keep personal hygiene clean. At the same time, a hot water sitz bath, that is, after defecating every day, use a 42 ℃~43 ℃ hot water sitz bath for 10-15 minutes, which can accelerate the blood circulation of the prostate and help the inflammation subside.
6. If ejaculation pain still exists during sexual intercourse, sexual life should be stopped, and active treatment should be taken.
7. Patients with chronic prostatitis should not have a long sex life, nor should the process be too intense not to aggravate prostatitis.
Prostate patients should bear the pressure in life and work and the pressure in their hearts. To completely cure prostatitis, men should not only rely on drugs but also increase appropriate psychological treatment and nursing, effectively reduce the psychological pressure of patients, and eliminate sexual discomfort caused by psychological barriers to achieve an effective cure.
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