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Natural Treatment for Prostatitis: What Are Some Useful Home Remedies

In daily life, prostatitis is well-known because it is a prevalent male disease. The emergence of this disease has brought great trouble to many males. That is to say. Prostatitis is very harmful to men. The special anatomical structure of the prostate determines that it is susceptible to other inflammatory infections, resulting in lingering conditions and great difficulties in treatment. 


In addition, improper convalescent care methods can lead to repeated disease attacks, which are difficult to cure. Therefore, patients with prostatitis must seek medical treatment in time if they find the condition. They can also use self-treatment methods to recuperate in life, which helps speed up prostatitis recovery to a certain extent.


Home care for patients with prostatitis should be scientific and reasonable.


1. Bath therapy


Bath therapy is a physical therapy that requires no medical facilities and can be fully operated at home. Prepare not hot water, pour it into the plate, and take a bath for 10-20 to 30 minutes each time. When the water temperature is low, you can add hot water again to ensure the water temperature, 1-2 times a day. Aromatic traditional Chinese medicine, such as cardamom kernel or cassia, can be added to the water. If you take a bath after using a prostate suppository, it can promote the absorption of drugs.


2. Massage therapy


Self-massage therapy is relatively simple and feasible, conducive to patients' acceptance and mastery, and is also a means of additional treatment. After defecation, clean the anus and the lower part of the rectum and take a prone, knee, or side-lying position. After touching the prostate along the anterior wall of the anus and rectum with your index finger, knead the prostate from the outside up or down from the inside. At the same time, let the patient lift the anus to discharge the prostate fluid into the urethral orifice and urinate immediately.


3. Dietary therapy


The occurrence of prostatitis has a lot to do with irregular diet and irregular life. Therefore, patients must develop good eating habits and provide adequate nutrition, especially the supply of zinc. Apples are the best food for patients with prostatitis. In addition, you can eat more foods that can moisten the intestines, such as citrus, bananas, and green leafy vegetables, to keep your stool unobstructed. Patients should work and rest regularly, avoid staying up late, and ensure adequate sleep.


4. Exercise therapy


According to relevant experts, if the human body is in a state of exercise, the blood flow circulation of the whole body will usually be accelerated, reducing local congestion, such as the prostate, and helping relieve prostatitis. Therefore, male friends can choose gentle sports such as walking, jogging, gymnastics, square dancing, etc. However, it is best not to ride a bicycle, motorcycle, horse riding, racing, etc., which will oppress the prostate and lead to an aggravation of the disease.


5. Psychotherapy


The course of chronic prostatitis is long and easy to repeat, which often makes patients upset, irritated, anxious, depressed, pessimistic, and disappointed, and even give up treatment. Therefore, as a patient, you should learn more about prostatitis, understand that prostatitis is not a difficult and incurable disease, and strive to overcome bad emotions. As family members, we should keep patients happy, enhance their confidence in treatment, and advise them to cooperate with the treatment.


At present, there are many ways to treat prostatitis. In addition to clinical treatment, patients can also carry out treatment at home. Prostatitis will impact men's lives and must be treated as soon as possible. At ordinary times, you should avoid excessive pressure in life, learn to relax, keep the genital organs clean, and prevent the occurrence of prostatitis. You should avoid sitting or standing for a long time, prevent upper respiratory tract infectious diseases, and adjust your living habits.

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