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Split Urine Stream: A Clue to Prostatitis? Discover the Dietary Fixes!

Many men experience a split urine stream in their lives. Is splitting of urine a symptom of prostatitis?


Split urine stream can be a clue to prostatitis. It is mainly caused by the mucous liquid secreted after the inflammatory stimulation of prostatic fluid and the local adhesion and foreign bodies formed near the urethra and the outer orifice of the urethra when the adhesive liquid discharge under the stimulation of the inflammation of prostatitis. It is commonly seen in the first urination in the morning when there is no urination during the night.

Because of the low water intake and low urination frequency at night, urethral secretions tend to accumulate and form clots, which collect at the outer orifice of the urethra and cause a split urine stream. Splitting of urine can also be caused by local obstruction caused by infection of the urinary reproductive tract. 

When patients with prostatitis have excessively frequent sex and masturbation habits, they may appear urethra and reproductive tract secretion of excessive viscous fluid, which leads to the blockage of the outer urethra mouth, causing a split urine stream.

There is also a split urine stream line after sexual excitement or sexual intercourse sometimes. The former is due to sexual excitement, making the genitals congested and causing an increase in glandular secretion. In contrast, the latter is caused by the outflow of the sperm remaining in the urethra, which acts in much the same way as inflammation.

However, split urine is not always associated with prostatitis. It is related to physiological and pathological reasons. For the splitting of urine caused by physiological ones, it is unnecessary to undergo unique treatments, and patients just need to have a regular sex life and end masturbation. The pathological causes, on the other hand, include certain diseases of the genitourinary system, such as urethritis, prostatitis, etc. 

Prostatitis is only one cause of split urine stream. It can be associated with the following factors. 

1. Benign prostatic hyperplasia can also lead to a split urine stream. The most common cause of a split urine stream in older men is benign prostatic hyperplasia. The prostate is located at the outlet of the bladder, and the enlarged gland compresses the bladder outlet, resulting in the symptoms of a split urine stream.

2. Urethral lesions, such as urethral stricture, external urethral stenosis, urethral stones, urethral cysts, and blockage of secretions at the urethral orifice, can also cause symptoms of splitting of urine in men.

3. Poor urine flowcoupled with the spasm of the urethral sphincter due to over-straining, will make people feel uncomfortable in urinating. This is a common cause of a split urine stream. 

4. Drinking a lot and sexual impulses can also lead to prostate congestion, resulting in poor urination and splitting of urine

a split urine stream caused by psychological reasons does not require special treatments, and patients just need to avoid usual habits. However, splitting of urine caused by pathological reasons, such as prostatitis, requires treatments, including medication and surgery. At the same time, patients can also regulate it through diet.

How to regulate split urine stream with prostatitis through diet?

In the choice of food, patients should choose more cool and light foods, Avoid or eat less fried, spicy hot things, coffee, cocoa, spirits, and other drinks. Cigarettes are prohibited. In the meantime, patients should eat more fruits and fresh vegetables, drink as much water as possible, and eat fiber-rich foods. The details as given in the following:

1. Lean meat. Lean meat is a protein-rich food, which is very beneficial to the body, and the body can be supplemented with high-quality protein daily. Lean meat can be cooked or stir-fried with other vegetables.

2. Fruits. Fruits rich in vitamin content make it popular.

3. Eggs. Eggs are rich in high-quality protein, essential vitamins, and high-calorie food. Patients can fry and boil them. But, it is not recommended to eat only a few eggs a day.

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