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Facts About Biking and the Prostate: How Does Long-Term Cycling Affect Prostatitis Patients?

When riding, a bicycle oppresses the prostate. Long-term cycling will cause insufficient blood supply and poor secretion of prostatic fluid in the prostate. Bacteria are prone to retrograde and upward movement to cause prostatitis, manifested by local tissue congestion, varying degrees of frequency of urination, the urgency of urination, urine waiting, and poor urination.


Patients with prostatitis cannot ride bicycles. Cycling can compress the prostate gland, aggravating the symptoms of prostatitis. It will aggravate the pain and frequent urination, discomfort in the perineum, lower abdomen, groin, and even testicular discomfort or swelling pain.

Long-term cycling is similar to sitting for a long time, which can cause heavy pressure on the prostate gland by organs in the human abdominal cavity. Bicycle seats are generally more rigid, squeezing the male scrotum and compressing the prostate gland. Multiple forms of compression can cause poor blood circulation and local metabolism in the glands, making them prone to developing or exacerbating those sclerotic lesions.

Cycling can cause prostatitis or worsen the condition, mainly driven by incorrect cycling postures. For example, if the seat is too high and the rider is short, this leads to discomfort and difficult coordination of movements when cycling. 

Moreover, the rider can only barely swing up and down, causing constant friction between the perineum and the seat. Especially when the front of the seat is higher, causing the rider's center of gravity to move back. Or when the road is very bumpy, causing severe bumps when driving, making the perineum more susceptible to stimulation. It can easily cause prostate congestion, swelling, and damage.

So what should be noted during cycling?

1. Choose a wider seat

Most mountain bikes on the market have narrow seats, which can increase pressure on the male prostate. If men must ride bicycles, they must choose a wider bike seat, which can reduce stress to a certain extent and protect the prostate.

2. Bring with sponge seat cover

Putting a sponge seat cover on the seat of the bicycle can not only provide more comfort during cycling and reduce the pressure on the prostate gland caused by the seat, thus preventing prostate diseases. Sponge seat covers need to be cleaned regularly and replaced frequently.

3. Don't wear tight clothes and pants

During cycling, the prostate gland is subjected to significant pressure. Wearing tight underwear or tight outer pants will squeeze the room between the seat and the male's private area, and this pressure will be amplified. When riding a bicycle, patients should wear loose and comfortable clothing and underwear. Do not wear tight underwear.

4. Pay attention to the posture of the cycling

During cycling, if the upper body keeps leaning forward, the pressure on the prostate caused by the bike seat will be heavier. It is best to keep your upper body upright when riding a bicycle, as it saves effort and does not significantly impact the prostate gland.

5. Pay attention to the duration of cycling

Even if all four of the above points are considered, cycling for a particularly long time will not reduce the damage to the prostate caused by cycling itself. When cycling, everyone should pay attention to time control. Although this sport is very healthy, it can not be carried out for an extended period of time. For patients with severe prostatitis, cycling is generally not recommended.

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