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Home Management of Prostatitis

We all know that prostatitis is often cured by antibiotic. Most of patients do nothing except taking pills under doctors instruction. However, prostatitis patients also can do some home remedies to enhance curative effect of antibiotic. Here are some remedies which are simple and easy to be done at home.

Drink more water than before
There is no doubt that prostatitis have to experience painful urination, thus, many people tend to reduce the drinking time to avoid the pain. But this is wrong, because the pain commonly is caused by bacterial infection, so if you don’t drink water, the bacteria cannot be flushed out by urine. Thus, prostatitis patients should increase drinking times and the volume. As long as they do it like that, the pain will become weak and weak.

Drink herbal tea every day
Herbal tea has the same function with herbal medicine. As long as you use right herbs, you can have those functions such as promoting blood circulation, clearing away heat and toxic materials, dissipating hard lumps, dissolving stasis, releasing pain and so on. Herbal tea can by brought on local clinic or online TCM clinic.
Do not sit for long
If you are an office man, you must sit all day long. But this is a bad habit, for long time siting can slow down the circulation of prostate gland and make symptoms severer. So it is better to take a short walk every hour, if you have to sit before your desk everyday. What’s more, you also can walk home after work. This is good for your prostate.

Take some vitamin C supplyments
If you are a victim of bacterial prostatitis, you should guarantee the intake of vitamin C . Because vitamin C can restrict the growth of bacteria. However, intaking too much vitamin C is dangerous, thus ,this way is suitable for those people whose symptoms are very severe.

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