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Do Prostatitis Patients Need to Say Goodbye to Driving and Sitting for Long Periods in Their Lifetime?

Clinically, it is believed that the most important triggers of prostatitis are bad personal habits, such as being sedentary, holding urine, staying up late, having excessive sex, smoking, and drinking. Prostatitis patients are often instructed by doctors not to be sedentary, stay up late, eat spicy food, etc. As a result, some patients pessimistically believe that they can no longer drive and be sedentary in their lives.

Driving and Sitting with Prostatitis

Why are prolonged driving and sitting behavior not recommended for people with prostatitis? What is the solution to this problem?

If the prostate is repeatedly congested, it aggravates venous return obstruction, local blood stasis, and decreased resistance. Then, the time for germs to stay in the local area will be prolonged, and the patient will increase the chance of infection. The patient with prostatitis can not sit for a long time because sedentary behavior can cause long-term congestion of the prostate and long-term compression of the muscles of the pelvic floor, resulting in abnormal neurological function of the pelvic floor, which are all critical factors that exacerbate prostatitis. 

Prolonged and extended periods of driving, also due to prolonged sitting, can lead to congestion and slow blood flow in the prostate area, which is not conducive to the recovery of inflammation.

Therefore, if the patient inevitably needs to drive and sit, he should pay attention to not sit still for a long time. Patients can appropriately rest and timely change positions in their leisure time during work, effectively improving the local congestion of the prostate. 

In addition, the patient should not drive too long, every one to two hours, rest for a moment, and get out of the car to exercise appropriately. The car windows should be opened for 5 minutes at regular intervals to circulate the air. These are effective measures to relieve prostatitis. 

The only way for prostatitis patients to return to normal life is to cure the disease through medication and surgical treatment completely.

Prostatitis patients can generally follow the doctor's instructions to take antibiotic drugs for treatment, such as amoxicillin capsules, cefixime capsules, etc., which can play a role in anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. At the same time, patients can also be combined with physical therapy, such as massage, heat therapy, etc., promoting the blood circulation of the prostate, thus promoting the absorption of inflammation. 

During the treatment period, patients need to pay attention to avoid long-term sedentary behavior to avoid aggravating the condition. In addition, patients can take natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It firstly regulates the patient's genitourinary system with herbal ingredients to make it balanced. Secondly, it regulates the patient's kidneys by promoting blood circulation and accelerating detoxification. Finally, it utilizes the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects to improve the patient's immunity to achieve the purpose of treating prostatitis.

What else must patients pay attention to daily when they have the disease?

For severe prostatitis complicated by abscesses, surgical treatment is required. The pus is drained out and then treated with antibiotics to eliminate the pathogen completely. Commonly used surgical procedures include transrectal prostatectomy and drainage and prostate puncture and abscess drainage.

Adjust The Dietary Structure. Patients should eat more diuretic food in daily life, such as watermelon, grapes, etc. They can also eat pumpkin seeds because they contain a lot of vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect, thus preventing prostate hypertrophy. At the same time, spicy and stimulating food should be avoided. Otherwise, it will stimulate the prostate and aggravate the condition.

Drink More Water. Patients must drink more water in their daily lives and make sure they consume enough water every day. Drinking more water can flush out toxins from the body and help treat inflammation.

Pay Attention To Personal Hygiene. Infections cause most prostate diseases, so men should get into the habit of bathing and changing underwear frequently.

Although prostatitis can easily recur, it is curable. Patients should boost their confidence, actively cooperate with treatment, and improve their lifestyle habits.

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