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What Kind of Prostatitis Patients Can Heal Themselves?

Prostatitis is an inflammation-related prostate disease that usually causes painful or difficult urination, as well as pain in the groin, pelvic area, or genitals, and these symptoms can have a severe impact on the normal life of a male patient. However, some patients have mild symptoms and even recover on their own with time delay.

Prostatitis Patients Heal

So, what kind of prostatitis patients can heal themselves?

Prostatitis can be categorized into bacterial and non-bacterial types from the cause. Bacterial prostatitis is caused by bacterial infection and must be treated with antibiotics to sterilize the bacteria. Without killing all the bacteria cleanly, the patient basically will not recover, and it can't be expected to heal itself.

For non-bacterial prostatitis, if the symptoms recur, the possibility of self-healing is also unlikely. These patients can choose the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. There are many herbs in this medicine, which will not only produce drug resistance and other side effects but also comprehensively condition the patient's genitourinary system to achieve both the symptoms and the root cause of the effect to prevent the recurrence of inflammation.

If the symptoms are mild, for example, perineal pain is relatively mild, sexual dysfunction is not very serious, frequent urination, urinary urgency, endless urination, and other symptoms do not affect work and life, this kind of patient has the hope of self-healing.

They are mainly due to bad habits that lead to the disease, such as long-term smoking, drinking, prolonged sedentary behavior, holding urine, frequent sex, not paying attention to sexual hygiene, and so on. 

Therefore, to cure themselves, these patients must improve their lifestyles. They can start from the following aspects:

1. Adjust dietary structure

To let the inflammation heal quickly, patients should eat carefully, choose the right food for nutrition, and not overeat spicy, stimulating, and heavy food. The body has already produced certain inflammatory substances, and the intake of large amounts of spicy substances will only increase the amount produced, thus accelerating the development of inflammation. Therefore, patients on the three-meals diet should not mindlessly use stimulating, heavy flavor seasoning and keep a light diet, such as more vegetables and fruits and high-quality protein, to supplement nutrition and be well-balanced.

2. Do not overindulge

To recover health faster, patients should have a reasonable sex life and not overindulge in sex. Many people ignore this problem and have frequent sexual intercourse. Under the influence of over-indulgence, the prostate is always congested, allowing bacteria to take advantage of the retrograde upward will let the body be infected and may also trigger inflammatory lesions in the prostate area. Already have a disease in the body, more need to have a sex life reasonably regular, do not overindulge in sexual intercourse to let the health problems faster self-healing.

3. Avoid sitting for a long time

Many people are sedentary for long periods. Sedentary behavior can compress the prostate, leading to local blood circulation, and also make the ventilation of the intimate parts worse, reducing the ability to dissipate heat and making it easier for bacteria to grow at elevated temperatures. To improve prostatitis, you should avoid sedentary behavior and stand up occasionally to stretch your body. You can also strengthen the exercise to enhance physical fitness and improve the local circulation and metabolism, allowing for good cooling of the intimate area.

4. Stay away from smoking and alcohol

Nowadays, many people are overly dependent on tobacco and alcohol. Still, they don't realize that prolonged smoking and drinking, the acquisition of many harmful substances inside, and lowering resistance, affecting the health of the lungs and the liver, will also accelerate the development of prostate disease. Heavy intake of stimulant alcohol, tar from tobacco, nicotine, etc., exacerbates localized inflammatory conditions. Therefore, patients must avoid alcohol and smoking if they want to heal themselves as soon as possible.

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