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Lower Abdominal Pain During Ejaculation? Maybe It's Seminal Vesiculitis

One of the major reasons why many men are unable to experience pleasure during sex is painful ejaculation. Ejaculation pain refers to pain in the penis, urethra, perineum, and lower abdomen when a man ejaculates. So, can seminal vesiculitis cause men to have pain in the lower abdomen when ejaculating?

Patients with seminal vesiculitis will have pain during sexual ejaculation. When the patient is in the acute onset of the disease, the seminal vesicles and the surrounding connective tissue inflammation is heavier, the pelvic floor muscle groups are prone to spasm and contraction, which will involve the perineum, and will also involve both sides of the groin, thus causing the symptom of ejaculatory pain. If the patient has chronic seminal vesiculitis, it is likely that the patient will experience vague pain in the suprapubic region, as well as discomfort in the perineum. The perineum pulls on the lower abdomen, which also triggers pain in the lower abdomen and can be aggravated during sexual ejaculation.

It is important to note that although seminal vesiculitis can cause painful ejaculation, this symptom is not the only criterion for determining this disease. Seminal vesiculitis, while causing pain in the abdomen during ejaculation, is often accompanied by other symptoms, such as hematospermia, which is a typical symptom of this disease. In addition, acute patients have obvious symptoms such as urinary urgency, painful urination, and urination difficulty. Chronic patients have frequent urination and urinary urgency and are accompanied by urinary discomfort and obvious burning sensation.

Therefore, it is recommended that patients who experience lower abdominal pain during ejaculation should first go to the hospital for an examination to clarify the cause of the condition. The condition can be detected by routine semen examination, ultrasound of the seminal vesicle glands, CT and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, and seminal vesicle microscopy.

Lower Abdominal Pain During Ejaculation

So, what should you do to relieve pain in the lower abdomen during ejaculation caused by seminal vesiculitis?

1. Selection of Appropriate Antibiotics

Since pathogenic bacteria infect vesiculitis through upstream infection, lymphatic channels, and the bloodstream, it is necessary to give cephalosporin or quinolone antibiotics for anti-inflammatory and symptomatic treatment. Antibiotics are usually given for 2-4 weeks, and safranin enemas can be supplemented. A standardized regimen of medication can achieve a goal of cure.

2. Local Treatment

Huanglianin iontophoresis, 1‰ Huanglianin 20 ml enema after stool, with this drug-soaked gauze pads placed on the perineum and connected to the anode of the direct current physical therapy device, cathode applied to the pubic bone. Each time 20 minutes, once a day, every ten times a course of treatment. Warm sitz bath (water temperature 42 ℃) and perineum hot compresses to improve local blood flow and help inflammation subside. In addition, patients should avoid sitting for too long to prevent pelvic congestion.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treatment of seminal vesiculitis can be identified with traditional Chinese medicine, and the main choice of TCM is that it clears away heat and detoxifies the body, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis. Commonly used in clinical is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has the functions of anti-inflammatory, sterilization, detoxification and pain relief, conducive to improving patients' immunity and curing the disease completely.

4. Surgical Treatment

If patients have a combination of seminal vesicle stones or severe hematochezia, they can also use vesicostomy, using surgical treatment can be treated.

In addition to this, men should take care of their conditioning in their daily lives and maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Pay Attention to Physiological Hygiene: Men should pay attention to lower body hygiene in daily life, change underwear frequently, and wash their genitals to reduce the risk of genitourinary infection.

Adjustment of Living and Eating Habits: In work and life, eat stimulating food as little as possible, eat more green vegetables and fruits, quit smoking and alcohol, avoid long-time cycling, exercise appropriately, and enhance the body's immune system.

Control the Frequency of Sexual Life: Patients should control the frequency of sexual life, avoid excessive sexual life, not have frequent masturbation, and not have unclean sex.

Treatment of Related Diseases: When there are some lesions in the reproductive system, such as prostatitis, urethritis, etc., patients should treat them in time because untimely treatment may induce seminal vesiculitis.

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