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The Prostate's Role in Urinary and Reproductive Health - 4 Things Men Should Avoid

Men and women have many differences in their body structures, so the approach to health and wellness for each gender should not be the same. Take the prostate, an organ unique to men, for instance—ensuring its health is crucial for men.

Prostate's Role in Urinary and Reproductive Health

It is often said that a man's aging begins with the prostate. To many, this small secretory gland is closely associated with urinary health, reproductive health, and even the overall vitality of the body, hence it is sometimes referred to as the "life gland". However, despite acknowledging its importance, many men harm their prostate through certain harmful actions in their daily life.

Among the many behaviors that damage prostate health, these four are the most common and have the most far-reaching effects. It would be best to correct them if you also engage in them.

Excessive Drinking Without Moderation

While most people know that alcohol damages the liver and kidneys, the harm that alcohol and its metabolic waste, acetaldehyde, do to the prostate should not be overlooked either. High levels of alcohol intake can cause blood vessels to dilate, increasing the pressure on the vascular walls and the speed of blood flow, which includes the veins near the prostate.

Frequent blood vessel dilation can lead to an increased rate of tissue fluid exudation in the prostate, dehydration, glandular edema, and eventually to an enlarged prostate and dysfunction.

The close relationship between the prostate and the urinary system means that if swelling occurs, it can lead to symptoms like frequent urination and urgency. This disrupts the elimination of metabolic waste and further harms the prostate, creating a vicious cycle. Therefore, it is advised to reduce alcohol consumption for the health of your blood vessels, urinary system, and metabolism.

Sitting for Long Periods with Insufficient Exercise

Life is in motion, and moderate exercise is one of the best ways to maintain health. However, with the modern reliance on electronic devices for work and study, many find themselves sitting still for hours, which can cause prostate congestion and enlargement. If not addressed in time, this can be harmful.

Furthermore, prolonged congestion can cause blockages in prostate fluid secretion and cause the fluid to be retained inside the gland for extended periods, leading to sterile infection and chronic inflammation that are hard to cure.

Holding in Urine for Long Periods

Holding in urine is probably one of the most familiar health-harming factors. Urination itself is a process for the body to handle excess metabolic waste and fluids. If you forcibly hold in your urine, it can cause waste to reflux back into the prostate gland, leading to bacterial infections and prostate enlargement. Therefore, it's best not to deliberately hold in urine in daily life. When you feel the urge, put down your work to relieve yourself, which can also be an opportunity to move and stretch, killing two birds with one stone.

Poor Regulation of Sexual Activity

Excessive sexual activity can cause the gland to remain in a congested and high-pressure environment for an extended period, making urinary tract infections more likely and possibly leading to early onset of prostatitis or an enlarged prostate. Friends of any age should engage in sexual activity within their means to avoid damaging their prostate.

If you are unfortunate enough to contract prostatitis, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be an effective option. It can effectively clear heat and dampness, reduce inflammation and fight bacteria, promoting the alleviation of prostatitis and improving symptoms like frequent urination and urgency.

Although the prostate is small, it is closely connected to the body's critical urinary functions. Therefore, men should maintain their attention on it in daily life to stay vigorous even in old age.

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