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How to Enhance Prostate Health by Eating Properlly?

Prostate is the biggest affiliated sexual gland of men’s genital organs. It’s function is produce prostatic fluid and participate in the reproductive metabolism. It is a precious organ of men, but also troublesome place of men. So enhancing prostate health is very important for men. Prostatic diseases are the miseries in the men’s lower abdomen. They include: inflammation, congestion, prostatic tumor, hyperplasia can cancer. Prostatitis is a common disease of young adults. Prostatitis patients account for 25%~40% of the male patients of urology. After age 55, men would have prostatic hyperplasia in some degrees. Because the course of disease is very long, the symptoms of early stage is not evident and always be under appreciated.

Dietary principle for enhancing prostate health

1. Limit the ingestion of fat: according to the research of scientists from multiple countries, the more high-fat food you eat, the higher morbidity of prostatitis you have. The high-fat food do great harms to human. So it is necessary to limit it.

2. Drink more water to promote urination. The washing of the urethral canal by urine can not only help to discharge the secretion of prostate but also is conducive to prevent the repeated infection.

3. Pay attention to the zinc and selenium. Found in the blood of patients with prostatic diseases, zinc and selenium are the two important micro-minerals.

4. Others. In the diet, we can also supply moderate vitamin C and E at the same time. Make use of their function of antioxidant and eliminating free radical to improve patient’s conditions.

Food prohibition

1. Prostatitis patients should not drink or smoke. Maybe you have known that smoking can induce impotence, but you would not know that smoking can also increase prostatic congestion and then strengthen the symptoms of chronic prostatitis. Drinking can expand the blood vessel of organs and increase the perfusion of blood. Therefore, it can also strengthen the congestion of prostate, inducing the recurrence of cured prostatitis.

2. Don’t eat spicy food. Even though leeks, garlic, pepper and some other stimulating food can promote the taste of food, you should not eat them because it can induce the expanding of blood vessel and congestion of organs. For the patients with prostatitis, these food can not be eaten. Otherwise, it would make the treatment of prostatitis prolonged.

3. Some meat. Some food such as beef, mutton and seafood are considered as delicacies which can tonify yang and enhance energy. But doctors of traditional Chinese medicine think that prostatitis is induced by dampness and pathogens. If we use medicine tonifying yang to remove dampness, its function would not be satisfying. In addition, through years of clinical observation, eating the above meat can induce more serious diseases.

4. For the prostatic hyperplasia, greasy, spicy and sweet food can always induce dampness and heat growing in the body, blocking the blood and Qi circulation. Therefore, the people who have acquired prostatic congestion should eat lightly for enhancing prostate health.

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can clear away heat and toxic materials, smooth the blood and  Qi circulation. So it has a good effect on the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis and some other relative prostatic diseases.

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