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Protect Your Prostate Gland During Cold Winter

Prostate is a gland that is afraid of cold weather, especially when it is infected. In cold weather, prostate gland is easily to be infected. Furthermore, the symptoms caused by infected prostate like pain and discomfort get more obvious and severe. Therefore, men should do something to prevent these things in cold weather.
Increase the drink frequency

In cold weather, people try to reduce the drinking times to reduce the loss of heat. However, the reduced drinking frequency can also affect the prostate gland, because less drinking means less urine and less urine means high concentrated urine, which contains a large number of harmful materials. Therefore, in cold weather, men also need to drink a lot.

Generally speaking, to flush the toxic materials in urinary tract, two liters water per day is enough. What’s more, since drinking water before bedding can affect the sleeping quality, no drinking two hours before sleeping is allowed.
Avoid hold urine

There is no doubt that everyone has such an experience – hold urine. In cold weather, we try to hold urine avoiding get up. In front of TV, we also try to hold urine in case missing a good performance. However hold urine isn’t a good habit. Hold urine presses the prostate gland, resulting in retrograde urine. Therefore, not only the prostate, but also the bladder and kidney can also be hurt.
Keep warm

In winter, if you cannot stay in warm house, please wear some cloths to keep warm when outside. However, there are groups of young men who care figure most refuse to do this. Therefore, this type of men is more easily to affect prostate conditions, because prostate needs to pump more blood to keep this organ warm, which leads to congestion of this gland.

Men should wear more cloths to keep warm, especially for prostate area.
The three tips mentioned above can help you far away from this condition. However, if you are unlucky and have prostatitis before seeing this article, you can also be rescued by one herbal medicine. The herbal medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill cures this condition by promoting blood circulation, dissipating hard lumps, dissolving stasis, clearing away heat and toxic materials, and releasing pain. 

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