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What attitude chronic prostatitis men should have on sex?

Acute prostatitis patients are forbidden having sex. How about the chronic prostatitis patient? Should they also avoid sex too? According to some experts, chronic patient are allowed to have sex, but there are some aspects that they should pay attention to, even for those who has no obvious symptoms.
Some chronic prostatitis patient might show some declined sexual ability problems, such as erection problem premature ejaculation, painful ejaculation, blood in semen and so on. What’s more, prostatitis on some patients is caused by improper sexual behavior like excessive masturbation. Therefore, chronic prostatitis won’t affect the ability of sex.
Generally speaking, lots of chronic prostatitis patients have neurasthenia and Vegetative nerve functional disturbance problems. Therefore, those people feel anxiety and worry that the prostatitis can impact the sexual ability. What’s worse, some patients even refuse to marry. Therefore, the sexual dysfunctions commonly are results of mental factor.
If having sex, it is possible for chronic prostatitis patient to complete the whole process as long as there is no pain or other sexual problem. However, if there is painful sex and ejaculation, sex for chronic prostatitis patient should be controlled. Since lots of prostatitis is not caused by bacteria, no bad influence or infection can be caught by women. Only when prostatitis caused by some special pathogenic bacteria like gonococcus, can women be affected via sex.
There is one period that chronic men should say no to sex, which is acute period, because when the chronic prostatitis in acute stage, it can be taken as an acute prostatitis and acute prostatitis men should avoid sex. During the stable stage, they also pay attention to the sex frequency. It is better for them to have two to three times a week.
Sex is beautiful thing. And it shouldn’t be avoided like a disaster. But before enjoying it, curing prostatitis is the priority. Men can try antibiotics and herbal medicine like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills to get a cure. Antibiotics are more suitable for those who have no drug resistance, while herbal medicine is more suitable for those who focus on health or has drug resistance.

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