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How To Make Abnormal Semen Return To Normal

Semen abnormality can be divided into two categories: semen abnormality and sperm abnormality. The former refers to the amount of semen, color abnormality and quality abnormality, while the latter refers to the amount of sperm, quality abnormality and deformity.
Abnormal semen is likely to cause infertility. Abnormal semen is mainly caused by men suffering from some diseases.
1. Mumps causes abnormal spermatogenesis in the testis. The effect of orchitis on sperm is significant, which can increase the incidence of azoospermia, especially bilateral orchitis.
2. Sexually transmitted diseases. This is mainly manifested in the decrease of sperm motility, which is related to the disorder of gonad function, especially epididymitis.

3. Physiological changes of testis. Testicular injury is usually accompanied by urethral symptoms, and the incidence of accessory gonad infection is also high. The density and motility of sperm in these people are significantly lower than those of the disease-free people.
4. Diseases of urogenital system. Prostatitis, urethritis, if not cured for a long time, will cause testicular lesions, resulting in abnormal sperm production.
5. Abnormal semen caused by other diseases. Bronchitis can also lead to abnormal semen, and diabetes can also lead to ejaculation dysfunction.
How can you make abnormal semen return to normal?
1. Don't take a hot bath frequently. The temperature of testis is lower than the body temperature. Long-term hot bath will increase the temperature of testis and affect the function of sperm. Less saunas and steam bathrooms. High temperature steam bath directly injures sperm and inhibits spermatogenesis.

2. Keep exercising and keep a clean sex life. For example, overweight male body will lead to increased temperature in the groin and damage the growth of sperm ; dirty sexual life will infect male reproductive system, affecting the formation and transport of germ cells, leading to a decline in reproductive capacity, and even cause infertility.
3. Keep away from radioactive substances. Radioactive substances can cause mutation and malformation of germ cell.
4. Keep nutritional balance. Lack of vitamins can lead to sperm damage and a balanced nutritional intake is needed. Eat more green vegetables, which contain vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium and other ingredients conducive to sperm growth.

Abnormal semen is a common cause of infertility in men, so special attention should be paid to abnormal semen. In addition to some of the manifestations in daily life, serious cases can also be treated with medication, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
It is a pure herbal medicine which has a unique therapeutic effect on semen abnormalities caused by urinary and reproductive system infections such as prostatitis and urethritis. 

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