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Can Chlamydia Prostatitis Cause Depression?

As one of the diseases of prostatitis, chlamydia prostatitis is a very harmful disease with a high incidence. It is a sexually transmitted disease which is caused by chlamydia infection, because the urethritis is infected by chlamydia is not treated in time and spread to the prostate. Because of the lack of understanding of the harm caused by the disease, so people can not be treated in time, thus aggravating the condition. Apart from the physical harm, it will also seriously affect the patient's psychology, and sometimes may even lead to depression.

Studies have shown that prostatitis and chlamydia have a certain relationship with depression, depressive symptoms may occur during the treatment in some patients, and prevention and treatment are required at this time. The typical symptoms of depression are dejection, decreased libido, impotence, reduced interest, pessimism, inhibition of thought, lack of initiative, self-accusation, poor diet and sleep, fear of suffering from various diseases, feeling uncomfortable, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors can occur in some serious cases. 

According to a joint study by the World Health Organization, the World Bank and Harvard University, depression has become the second most serious disease in China. There is one in seven people who may have depression, and the factors causing depression include hereditary factors, physical factors, mental factors and so on. Depression is at great risk, in severe cases, nearly 15% of patients want to suicide. Therefore, to avoid depression caused by chlamydia, prostatitis and other diseases, patients should receive prompt treatment to treat prostatitis and avoid further damage.
Treatment of prostatitis is usually based on the condition of patients, the treatment of acute infective prostatitis is currently mostly advocated antibiotic treatment, and drug sensitivity test is taken to select more sensitive drugs. Clinically, chronic prostatitis is generally treated with more conservative treatment. Most people generally choose drugs to treat it. Doctors usually will give patients some diuretic and drenching drugs, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria, it can directly reach the focus, remove the inflammation of the genitourinary system fundamentally, restore the normal function of the prostate, but also play a role in anti-inflammation, sterilization and relieving pain. Although the effect is slower than that of Western medicine, it has a better effect and is not easy to recur. But if the condition of the patient is very severe, surgical treatment may be considered.

The disease is not terrible, as long as you receive active, standardized treatment, it can be cured. So I hope that patients can relax, keep in a good mood, communicate more with your family and friends, and don't hold the negative things in your hearts during the treatment. If you are suffering from depression, prompt and positive treatment is also need. Remember to keep a positive and optimistic attitude to stay away from depression. Finally, I wish all the patients can recover soon.

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