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Fish and Shellfish Can Help Prostatitis

As we know, seafood is rich in zinc, especially oysters, which is the highest content of zinc in all foods. It is also known as natural Viagra in the diet. From this point of view, seafood is quite beneficial to the rehabilitation and treatment of prostatitis, and there is no doubt that seafood is also very attractive to most people.

However, seafood and fish are foods with high protein, and most of the rich proteins in shellfish (such as clam, scallop, abalone, etc.) and crustaceans (such as shrimp and crab) are isomeric proteins. For some people with the allergic constitution, it will lead to skin allergic reaction, which belongs to irritating food from the traditional Chinese medicine point of view.
Excessive consumption will stimulate the body, cause tissue hyperemia and edema, and aggravate inflammation. In addition, seafood, especially shellfish, generally contains a lot of purines, and this protein will produce uric acid after decomposition. The increase of uric acid in the blood may also be one of the causes of prostatitis.
So, can prostatitis patients eat seafood or not?

In fact, this problem needs to be specifically analyzed. Seafood can be divided into four categories: fish, shrimp, and crab, shellfish. According to the research of nutrition experts, fish and shell seafood is still an indispensable nutrient in daily diet. It is better to eat it 2-3 times a week, 100g each time.

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