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The "pain" of men: how to treat chronic prostatitis?

Core reminder: Mentioning prostatitis, I believe that male friends “heard” about it. There are many reasons for the occurrence of prostatitis. Different conditions require different treatments. So how to treat chronic prostatitis?
Mention of prostatitis, I believe that male friends will be "dread". There are many reasons for the occurrence of prostatitis, but everyone's condition is different. Some patients are chronic prostatitis, and some are acute prostatitis. Different situations need to be treated accordingly. Today we will understand how to treat chronic prostatitis?
First, do general treatment
If you have been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, you must do general treatment. The so-called general treatment is to do physical exercises to strengthen the body's disease resistance.
During the treatment of prostatitis, male friends also need to adjust their emotions and give themselves full confidence to face the disease. For spicy foods, alcohol and hot foods, you need to "control". Always pay attention to keep the stool unobstructed and avoid “convenience” for a long time, otherwise the prostate will continue to be congested.
Secondly, anti-infective treatment is very important
Of course, anti-infective treatment is still needed, mainly using sulfonamides and quinolones. The course of anti-infective treatment is six to eight weeks. Even if it is non-bacterial chronic prostatitis, it takes four weeks to complete the relevant anti-infective treatment.
In addition, the therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine is also very good, mainly based on medicines that have the effects of clearing heat and purging fire, clearing heat and removing dampness, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and removing turbidity.
The third is, adjuvant therapy helps recovery
In addition to the general treatment and anti-infective treatment mentioned above, we can also perform local adjuvant treatment for chronic prostatitis. Adjuvant treatments include prostate massage, local physiotherapy, hot bath, end-of-intestinal administration, transrectal administration, urethral pressure perfusion, and local injection of the prostate. Among them, hot bath and complementary injections are not suitable for male friends who have not had children. , May cause abnormal semen and affect fertility.
How to treat chronic prostatitis? I believe that everyone is very concerned about this problem. With the continuous development of medical technology, there are many treatment methods for chronic prostatitis under the current situation. The relevant content has been introduced in detail above.  I hope it can help everyone.

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Steve Valinski" My case has seen a lot of improvement. I mean really I feel better. Pain had almost disappear. "
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