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What should I do if I have prostatitis? Two-pronged treatment and care!

Prostatitis is believed to be a disease that men have heard of. The main cause of prostatitis is that the prostate is infected by bacteria, and the uncomfortable symptoms of prostatitis patients include frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria, which undoubtedly cause some trouble in the daily life of the patient. What should I do if I have prostatitis? In fact, in addition to receiving treatment, patients with prostatitis need to pay attention to nursing. The following will tell you about the treatment and nursing methods of prostatitis.
treat chronic prostatitis
Prostatitis treatment methods are as follows:
1. surgical treatment
Men can consider surgery after suffering from prostatitis, but very few patients choose surgery, because surgery is very traumatic and the recovery time will be longer, so many prostatitis patients are unwilling to undergo surgery . Most patients consider conservative treatment, that is, general treatment methods such as taking drugs as mentioned below. Regardless of whether you choose surgical treatment or non-surgical treatment, you need to go to a regular hospital for treatment to be the most reliable.
2. general treatment
Next, I will introduce the general treatment of prostatitis, which is mainly treated with drugs, self-regulation and health care. Some patients with prostatitis who are not particularly serious can be cured. After they are cured, they can pay more attention to hygiene. Can no longer be infected by germs.
3. massage therapy
Finally, I will explain the massage method for treating prostatitis to treat prostatitis. This is an auxiliary treatment method. Massage is mainly to massage the outer layer of the gland, which can promote the patient to empty the prostate duct and increase the concentration of the drug. , Play the purpose of adjuvant treatment, which can relieve prostatitis.
How to care for prostatitis?
Prostatitis patients need to receive targeted treatment, the rest is to pay more attention to the usual care, first of all, pay attention to diet, eat more diuretic foods, and eat less spicy foods. The second is to drink plenty of boiled water. You must ensure the amount of 1500 ml boiled water every day. You should also pay more attention to personal hygiene and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
What to do with prostatitis? I believe that after reading the above, you already know the three methods of clinical treatment of prostatitis and the specific nursing methods. I hope that men who know that they have a disease like prostatitis first have to go to a regular hospital for treatment, and then pay attention. Normal care, so that you can recover soon.

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