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To Prevent Prostatis, You Need to Stay Away from Those Habits!

Nowadays, many young people sit in the office and work overtime daily, leaving early and returning late with frequent social engagement. Then one day, they suddenly found that they had less forceful urine stream, frequent and urgent urination, and were restless at work. They went to the hospital for an examination and found that they had prostatitis. 
Prostatitis is a prevalent disease in men, accounting for about 33% of urological outpatients, and the vast majority of the cases are chronic prostatitis. According to statistics, among men aged 25-40, about 30-40% suffer from chronic prostatitis of varying degrees.

Why is the incidence of prostatitis so high? It is mainly related to bad living habits and other factors. Next, let's talk about them in detail.
These Habits Need to Be Changed!

1. Sedentary

Sitting for a long time can slow down the blood circulation of the prostate, accumulate local metabolic waste, block the glands of the prostate, and make the excretion of prostatic fluid more complex, thus leading to the occurrence of chronic prostatitis.
Driving, cycling, motorbike, and even horseback riding can lead to prostatitis.

The survey found that the incidence of chronic prostatitis among drivers is high and is not easy to cure, demonstrating the impact of prolonged sitting on prostatitis.
2. Unclean Sex Life

Yes, unclean sex life can easily result in the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the male urethra. The bacteria that cause prostatitis may get into the prostate from the urethra by backward flow of infected urine or stool from the rectum.
Some sexual behaviors such as rectal intercourse may help the Escherichia coli enter and infect the prostate through the urethra or the damaged rectal mucosa, lymph, venules, or hematogenous dissemination.
3. Spicy and Stimulating Food
Spicy and stimulating food, such as alcohol and pepper, have an irritating effect on the prostate, which can cause vasodilation and edema of the prostate, resulting in decreased resistance. These foods can often cause prostate discomfort, facilitate bacteria growth and reproduction, and induce or aggravate prostatitis. Therefore, avoiding drinking too much alcohol and eating a lot of spicy food is an essential means to prevent the occurrence of prostatitis.
4. Holding Back Urine
Many men often hold back their urine because they are busy at work, far from the toilet, or unwilling to get up to urinate during sleep. It will prevent the harmful substances produced by the body’s metabolism from being excreted from the bladder in time, prolong the retention time of bacteria in the urine and decrease its antibacterial ability, leading to infection and inflammation. In addition, holding back urine will affect the bladder's normal function, thus aggravating prostatitis. In addition, holding back urine will also cause physical and psychological tension, and the catechin content in the blood will increase. These will exacerbate the prostate's congestion and edema, resulting in prostatitis.
5. Excessive Masturbation
Moderate masturbation can help clear the prostatic fluid and relieve the blood stasis of the prostate, which has some significance in protecting the prostate. But, excessive masturbation affects the normal secretion and excretion of the prostate and induces prostatitis.
In a word, prostatitis is a common disease in men. Even if you have prostatitis, you don’t need to worry too much. To treat the disease, you need to relax your mind, adjust your living habits, and have proper medical treatment. You can choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a herbal medicine that can clear disease-causing bacteria with no side effects. Long-term use of this medicine does not produce resistance.
In daily life, it is necessary to prevent prostatitis by developing good living habits, such as maintaining a regular sex life, avoiding alcohol and spicy food, drinking more water and exercising (such as walking, jogging, etc.), avoiding prolonged sitting, and eating more vegetables and fruits. 
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