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Food Therapy Relieves Chronic Prostatitis

Bad eating habits can easily lead to persistent chronic prostatitis, so it is essential to develop good eating habits.

What foods to eat with chronic prostatitis can promote the recovery of prostatitis. Studies have found that the content of zinc in the prostatic fluid of patients with prostatitis will be significantly reduced. Zinc can play an antibacterial effect on prostate tissue. We recommend that patients with chronic prostatitis eat more foods and fruits that contain more zinc, such as apples, grapes, and linden seeds.
Some nuts, such as sesame seeds and peanuts, are high in zinc and can be eaten more. In addition, some pollen is the kind of pollen that bees collect honey, and there are also special pollen capsules, which can prevent the enlargement of the prostate gland, and people can eat these more.
Patients can also eat easily digestible, high-protein foods and trace elements to increase their resistance to chronic prostatitis. They should choose more cool, tonic food. A proper diet is beneficial for the recovery of the disease.
Patients with chronic prostatitis should not eat some foods during diet therapy. Dog meat, beef, mutton, and seafood should be eaten less, and onions, ginger, garlic, peppers, peppers, and other irritating foods should not be eaten too much.
Diet therapy relieves chronic prostatitis perfectly, but it is necessary to stick to regular food. It is unrealistic to eat once or twice.
In fact, diet therapy is only a tiny part of the treatment of prostatitis, and its treatment should be more reflected in the law of life and the abandonment of bad habits in life.
Young people should not stay up and wake up late all day. This situation will disrupt living habits and laws, often make people's immunity weaken, and quickly induce prostatitis.
The second is eliminating many bad habits, including smoking, drinking, and eating spicy food. These three things are bad for prostate stimulation. Therefore, for prostatitis, diet therapy is only a tiny part of the treatment of prostatitis. You must rely on yourself to maintain reasonable living habits and eliminate bad habits.
The dietary method for chronic prostatitis is an adjuvant treatment, and patients can choose some foods to relieve the symptoms of prostatitis. It is recommended that while taking these dietary methods, patients should also pay attention to the routine detection of prostatic fluid, the culture of prostatic fluid pathogens and drug sensitivity experiments, and symptomatic and etiological treatment because dietary therapy is only an adjuvant therapy.
If the symptoms are severe, drug therapy is required for treatment. Regarding drug therapy, men can use Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can sterilize the prostate and reduce inflammation and swelling without producing drug resistance. It can eliminate a series of related symptoms of chronic prostatitis very well.
Patients with chronic prostatitis also need to drink plenty of water and urinate frequently. They do not sit for a long time or ride a bicycle for a long time to avoid the pressure on the prostate gland, congestion, and edema, which will aggravate the patient's symptoms. Patients can also often take warm water sitz baths, soaking in hot baths, which can help relieve the symptoms of prostatitis.
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